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Meet the team: Vibhor Pandey

Vibhor Pandey

Vibhor Pandey joined the Brisbane Business Events in 2014 as the Manager, Market Research and Lead Generation. He has more than eight years of international experience assisting various cross-functional industries, with a strong focus on the travel and tourism sector in the Indian sub-continent, South Asia, Middle East and North African region. Vibhor is responsible for market research, customer insights optimisation, sales lead generation, market segmentation, and to help achieve overall team objectives.

He discusses what he likes most about his role and life in Brisbane.

My role within Brisbane Economic Development Agency involves:
Market research, insights and lead generation – further establishing and managing a broader customer insights framework to make decisions based on data. 

My favourite thing about my role is:
We work in the knowledge industry and the impact of our work reaches beyond the economic values – there are significant social and cultural benefits too. 

The greatest challenge of my work is:
The very nature of the business operates with several known-unknowns and unknown-knowns. A challenge is developing the most effective and efficient customer insights and lead generation strategies in a constantly evolving environment.

Brisbane makes an ideal business events destination because:
Quality of life in Brisbane is one of the best in the world – warm and friendly people, compact city, and most of the attractions are within a walkable distance of the city centre.

Brisbane is an exciting place to be right now because:
It is a transforming city, and that puts its community into a positive mindset on a growth trajectory. It is a rising star.  

I’m inspired by:
Generosity and warmth of people around me.

I couldn’t live without:
Going for a run along the Brisbane river. 

One of my favourite things to do in Brisbane is:
Cycling around the City and being perplexed with thousands of choices for brunch.  

I would spend my last $100 on:
Buy a bunch of eucalyptus seedlings and plant them for future koala generations.