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With major rail corridors in both the northern and southern areas of ATC, there exist significant opportunities for the utilisation of rail as a mode of both freight and passenger transport.


Airtrain is a privately owned and operated railway. Airtrain services are completely integrated into the QR suburban network. Airtain can take you from Brisbane Airport directly to the Brisbane CBD, and then on to the Gold Coast. You can also travel on a single ticket from any station in south-east Queensland to Brisbane Airport. The Airtrain stations at the Domestic and International Airports are located directly outside the terminals and trains depart every 15 minutes to the city during peak times.

Brisbane Multimodal Terminal

The Brisbane Multimodal Terminal is the interface between rail, road and the container terminals at the Port of Brisbane. The integration of these transport modes, a dual-gauge rail link, and the location of the BMT behind the container terminals, enables the movement of large volumes of interstate and intrastate cargo into and out of the port by rail. QR National and Pacific National run services to the BMT, connecting the port to major and regional Queensland centres as well as the eastern capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne. The BMT has the ability to monitor freight containers as they move through the port. An electronic interface with rail, shipping, and container-terminal operators provides rapid communication links, contributing to a cost-effective and highly efficient transport service. It is also a licensed Customs bond facility.