The G20 Legacy - Choose Brisbane


The G20 Legacy

G20 Australia 2014 - Leaders' Summit, opening session. Photo Credit: Australian Government. Photograph by Ray Cash/G20 Australia

A once-in-a-generation event, Brisbane was privileged to be selected as the host of the 2014 G20 Leaders Summit, the world’s primary forum for economic cooperation and decision-making.

It was the most important gathering of world leaders ever held in Australia, with members representing about 85 per cent of global GDP, more than 75 per cent of global trade and two-thirds of the world’s population.

Held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on 15 and 16 November 2014, the summit attracted 4000 delegates and 3000 domestic and international media.

World leaders including US President Barack Obama, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping were welcomed and won over by Brisbane.

Brisbane Marketing set out to both leverage the G20 itself and create a parallel program of activity that would take advantage of Brisbane’s notoriety as a G20 host. Doing so left a valuable and lasting legacy for Brisbane.

Global Cafe

Alongside the G20 Summit, Brisbane hosted the inaugural Global Cafe – an international centre of thought leadership.

It was a huge success, attracting a live audience in Brisbane City Hall of more than 2000 across two days and thousands more streaming it live online.

The Global Cafe social media hashtag (#BNEGlobalCafe) was ranked the number one hashtag in Australia during the event.


Ahead of the G20, we developed a destination welcoming and way-finding program for visitors that built on Brisbane’s reputation as one of the friendliest cities in the world.

Brisbane adopted world’s best practice in providing a consistent and seamless approach to wayfinding – this included multilingual physical signs and geo-tagged digital applications.

Brisbane Marketing also delivered the highly successful Brisbane Welcomes the World program, which offered more than 2000 service and tourism industry staff free and specialised training and information to provide useful local tips, answer visitor questions and pass on incredible stories about the city and its history.

Media Coverage

Brisbane Marketing embarked on an ambitious program to leverage the spotlight of hosting the G20, raising awareness about Brisbane and helping to build our city’s reputation across the globe. 

Brisbane Marketing worked with government and industry stakeholders to engage visiting journalists both in the lead-up to and during the summit itself. About 2300 outlets covered the summit itself, generating millions of dollars worth of international media features and news articles.

People around the world read about, heard and saw Brisbane as one of the world’s friendliest cities, a serious player in the Asia Pacific, and as a city capable of hosting major events without any problems.

Sample international media coverage