Brisbane Marketing Member: Merlo Coffee

Merlo Coffee Brisbane

11 July 2016

Thankfully, the Merlo family have always been sharers. In 1958, Gino Merlo migrated to Australia and had the thoughtfulness to bring his much-loved espresso machine with him. This was Queensland’s very first Italian espresso machine, and in carrying it lovingly off the boat, he started Queensland’s coffee revolution.

Now, the famous blue Merlo cup is the call sign for coffee lovers all over the country, and will be a prominent feature on ground at Regional Flavours presented by The Courier-Mail in the South Bank Parklands this weekend.

As a supporting partner of the event, and presenter of the Sweet Escape stage, Merlo Coffee is proudly flaunting its Queensland heritage to a crowd of discerning and adventurous foodies. Dean himself will be onstage to share his wealth of knowledge on beans, brewing and more, ably assisted by Merlo Coffee’s coffee education specialist, Frith La Vin Lloyd.

You’ll also be able to pick up a takeaway espresso from three Merlo Coffee carts positioned at the Sweet Escape area and outside the event’s mainstage, EAT-SHOW-TELL in The Courier-Mail Piazza, to refuel throughout the weekend.

Merlo has grown to become Australia’s leading independently owned and operated coffee roaster, and now owns and operates 16 of its own cafes in addition to supplying freshly roasted coffee to over 1000 cafes and restaurants around the country. Most recently Merlo opened a Torrefazione in Australia’s coffee heartland, Melbourne, at the iconic Queen Victoria Markets.

Merlo also ships coffee online to customers throughout the Australian and overseas. Coffee lovers can choose from a range of Blends, Single Origins, Limited Edition Beans or Merlo’s famous Bean of the Month. This program showcases unique and hard-to-source beans from around the world; giving Australian coffee lovers the opportunity to taste beans often not imported to Australia, and to be educated about coffee-growing regions around the world, many of which lie in poor or war-ravaged areas.

Merlo proudly holds the back-to-back titles of Australia’s Favourite Coffee through the country’s biggest people choice awards in FOXTEL’s I Love Food Awards (2012 and 2014, held every two years).

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