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Social media explained, Three Plus

23 June 2015

Social media

By Three Plus Executive Director Peter Kelly

Social media is a catch-all phrase, but the various platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – are very different beasts.

Invest Brisbane partner Three Plus recently attended a property sector conference where participants were invited to tweet about the discussion. 

A ripple of polite laughter filled the room – I suspect because the attendees couldn’t tweet, or didn’t want to tweet.

It suggests that Twitter has little penetration in the property and development sector.

But for professional services firms, Twitter can be a vehicle for ongoing conversations, more than a conversation starter. 

LinkedIn, on the other hand, provides a great opportunity to initiate conversations with people you have met and need to get to know better. It is highly recommended for business-to-business communication.

But for businesses dealing directly with the public and needing to build brand loyalty, Facebook can work wonders.

Three Plus has recently assisted with successful Facebook campaigns for the retail sector, for clients wanting to talk directly to their customers.

The Facebook page developed for the relaunch of flood-damaged Hinkler Central shopping centre in Bundaberg is a prime example of using social media to connect and engage with the community. The page featured updates and profiles on individual retailers and provided an outlet for the display of support. The page quickly attracted more than 6000 likes, and created an ongoing dialogue with the community. Read our Hinkler Central case study here.

We recommend our clients consider social media as part of a range of communication tools – no more or less legitimate than traditional marketing communications tools such as media relations, newsletters, and websites or more direct tools such as board lunches, or, heaven forbid, picking up the phone.

Businesses who want to market themselves better need to think deeply about what they want to say, and who they want to say it to.

Deciding which medium to use – social or traditional – is usually the easy bit.

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