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Kurilpa opens door to opportunity


The release of the Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal draft master plan marks the opening of a new world of potential development and investment in Brisbane. Brisbane Economic Development Agency is already defining the role it will play to ensure this proposal reaches its enormous potential. 

The draft plan provides a framework for transforming more than 25 hectares of land with one kilometre of river frontage to create a world-class riverfront destination featuring accommodation, public space, cultural facilities and culinary experiences. 

It will guide the transformation of Brisbane’s largest inner-city renewal precinct in two decades. Brisbane has several major projects on the drawing board including Queen’s Wharf, Brisbane second parallel runway, the BaT Tunnel, the Howard Smith Wharves redevelopment, Cultural Precinct Master Plan and now the Kurilpa renewal. All of these projects have been strongly supported by the State Government and Brisbane City Council. 

These multi-billion dollar projects have created an environment in which Brisbane is now capturing the attention of major international investors and developers that have a mandate. These high-level investors only consider locations where they can see multiple project opportunities, projects of significant scale, and supportive and pro-development governments. 

This creates a flow-on effect to domestic enterprise as they get exposure to these major international projects and the potential opportunities this creates for local and domestic industry. The vision for Kurilpa is for it to be a new riverfront destination – a sophisticated inner-city community with a mix of contemporary apartments, state-of-the-art offices, and world-class cultural venues, capturing the rhythm and spirit of Brisbane’s outdoor lifestyle. Brisbane EDA will be taking the project to the global marketplace, making sure everyone from potential international investors and developers to domestic small businesses know how, when and where they can fit in. 

Brisbane EDA partners will be assisted in identifying opportunities, potential matching with other players, and possible long-term involvement once the renewal has been completed. Brisbane EDA will be promoting and assisting the collection of ideas and proposals for the formation of possible industry clusters, the development of hi-tech office spaces, or forward-thinking approaches to how commercial activities within the development could be incorporated. The impact on Brisbane of several major projects becoming a reality over a relatively short period of time will be immense. The projects will combine to create new and vibrant city precincts through cross pollination of planning initiatives across the various projects. That process will encourage clustering of business and industry, improved visitor and resident safety, create better connectivity, encourage more active and integrated community and pedestrian spaces, and generally promote Brisbane to the world stage as a modern and advanced city, setting the standards that other cities model themselves on. The Kurilpa master plan is expected to incorporate a significant amount of office and employment-generating zones. 

Early master planning will allow clustering opportunities and specialist industry areas such as: 

  • Creative industries
  • A digital economy / IT services
  • METS specific sector
  • Medical and applied sciences precinct
  • Clean tech and green sciences
  • Commercial and professional services
  • Life and biosciences
  • Transformational spatial industries
  • Food and agribusiness
Brisbane is already recognised as a global resource and energy hub, an educational centre of excellence, and a leader in the field of biosciences. 

These new projects and the precincts they create will allow Brisbane to further expand on these competitive advantages. In the coming weeks, extensive community feedback will be provided on the draft plan, and the final direction and framework for the master plan will be produced late this year. 

For more information on the Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal draft master plan, visit the Brisbane City Council Website or call on (07) 3403 8888.