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Special Edition: Reinventing the Brisbane River

Brisbane has re-engaged with the river in a really nice way, and the development of Howard Smith Wharves will be transformative from a public space perspective at that section of the city.

Architects from firm Architectus discuss just what it takes to make Brisbane’s built environment truly connect to the river and the city.

Shaun Munday of Place Design Group says reinventing Eagle Street Pier will be a game changer for Brisbane.

May Edition: Mining & Energy

Revenue’s up, prices are healthy, investors are acting. Queensland’s Resources Investment Commissioner Todd Harrington says the numbers don’t lie - mining has stormed back.

NERA’s Paul Hodgson says the prize is huge for those willing to innovate and disrupt in the energy industry.

The time is ripe for technology to integrate holistically across mining operations, says METS Ignited’s Ian Dover.

April Edition: Tech

AI expert Dr Natalie Rens says artificial intelligence won’t kill us. What’s more, Brisbane can be a leader in the field.

Redback Managing Director Philip Livingston is out to make a real difference for consumers in the energy market.

Cohort Go is a tech platform developed in Brisbane allowing cross-country payments to service providers for international students arriving in a new country.

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