Explore Brisbane

On Brisbane's Doorstep

The Brisbane region is surrounded by natural splendour and spectacular attractions. Within a two-hour drive there are some of the world’s best beaches, prehistoric rainforest and globally significant wetlands.

White-sand beaches are within easy reach. These include significant surf breaks such as the Gold Coast’s Snapper Rocks and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Sand islands Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) and Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) are also among the wonders of the region thanks to their diverse plants and animals, in addition to their natural beauty.

Inland from Brisbane lies the prime agricultural land of the Scenic Rim, which is one of Australia’s vegetable and fruit bowls. There are also multiple national parks nestled into a caldera of long-extinct volcanos. Diverse birdlife, such as the Albert’s Lyrebird and Regent Bowerbird, make this their home.

There are also plenty of attractions to visit, ranging from wineries and hobby farms, to Australian animal attractions like the late Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo, as well as top-notch restaurants, bars and cafes.

Brisbane's Venues

Brisbane will be ready to make the 2032 Olympic Games the best sporting event the world has experienced. Building on the foundations set by the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 2006 Melbourne and 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, local authorities have the knowledge and experience to host a world-class event.

Sporting venues for the 2032 Olympic Games will be located across the city. While the Brisbane 2032 Committee may build a 50,000-seat stadium in the inner city for the athletics and opening and closing ceremonies, most of the events will utilise the existing infrastructure. Temporary venues will also be constructed for the Games.

When announcing Brisbane as the ‘preferred candidate city’ for the event, the International Olympic Committee said the Games concept was “very advanced” and the venue masterplan had been discussed with the International Sports Federation and the International Paralympic Committee.