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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What was Brisbane’s Olympic journey?

Brisbane commenced its Olympic journey six years ago when the Mayors of South East Queensland started to explore the opportunity as part of the region’s long-term infrastructure planning and economic development strategy.

Q: Over the next decade, what does an Olympic win mean for the Brisbane economy?

Economic estimates indicate the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games could generate $8.1 billion in total benefits to Brisbane and the state, with thousands of jobs for Brisbane

Brisbane is on an unstoppable economic trajectory, with a thriving and stable economy, and is expected to grow from $182 billion to $217 billion as Olympics buzz reaches fever pitch over the next decade.

Estimates also suggest overall financial benefits for Australia could hit almost $18 billion.

Q: What is the time difference between Brisbane and the 2021 Olympic host city, Tokyo?

It’s a one-hour time difference - Brisbane being one hour ahead.

Q: What does Brisbane Economic Development Agency do?

Brisbane Economic Development Agency is the economic arm of Brisbane City Council, and post-COVID-19, its remit is to attract major events, business and visitors to the region, delivering employment and economic stimulus to what is becoming one of the most famous cities in the world.

Q: How do international businesses investigate trade opportunities in Brisbane?

Brisbane Economic Development Agency works with local businesses to identify growth and export opportunities, and works with its international contacts to generate inbound investment opportunities. Targeted sectors identified for exponential growth over the coming decade include advanced manufacturing, food manufacturing, property-tech, health-tech, and tourism.

Q: Why should international events consider Brisbane as a host city for events?

Brisbane is Australia’s ‘go-to’ city for international conferences, conventions, business events, and sporting competitions. Now on the world stage as an Olympic city, Brisbane boasts world-class conference facilities, international-standard sporting stadiums, myriad hotels, a sub-tropical lifestyle, an enviable cultural scene, a diverse range of visitor experiences, all set amidst natural landscapes from hinterland mountains to the Bay.