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Why do Business in Brisbane

Brisbane has a diverse economy and innovative corporate ecosystem.

The city’s gross regional product is about $180 billion. Key industries include property, professional services, education, healthcare and hospitality. Small and medium-sized businesses are critical to the economy, with about 130,000 registered commercial operations.

Population and economic growth forecasts are strong. The economy is tipped to grow to $217 billion by 2031 and there are $15 billion worth of infrastructure projects in the pipeline. Brisbane is the largest city council in Australia, which is tipped to expand by another 250,000 in the next two decades. More Australians have moved to southeast Queensland than anywhere else in 2020-2021. The region’s political and business regulatory system is strong, fair and transparent.

Brisbane is well-located to connect with the fast-growing Asian region. Flights to Japan, Hong Kong and Beijing take approximately nine hours, with Singapore just over seven hours. Brisbane has efficient and effective transport and logistics hubs. Brisbane Airport operates 24/7 and the Port of Brisbane is building on its position as the state’s largest multi-cargo port to become of the of the fastest growing container ports in the country.

Brisbane has a lower cost of living than Sydney and Melbourne. Education and training opportunities are world-class.