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11 tips to get your delegates talking on social media

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So you've created and shared all the social media content you can before the big day – event invites, guest speaker profiles, venue photos, the works.

But the biggest opportunity you have to create fans and advocates of your event is right there in the thick of things, when your keynote speech, breakout sessions and all of those little things are delivering micro moments for your delegates to post, tweet and share on their social media accounts.

Here are our top 11 tips to ensure your delegates' thumbs get tapping on their phones.

1. An obvious yet overlooked first step is to choose a unique hashtag. Make it short, sweet, and easy to remember and spell. Display this hashtag everywhere – your website, press kits, emails, presentation slides and all collateral. Use the hashtag to track impressions and engagements after the event to evaluate the success of your campaign.

2. Use a live hashtag stream wall. When an attendee posts a tweet with the unique hashtag, it will appear on a screen in a running feed of the online conversation and prompt others to tap into the discussion. Staging Connections, HootFeed, and Tweetwally are your go-to guys to implement this strategy.

3. Amplify a truly shareable moment – early. Get your MC or facilitator to use a key slide that sums up the aim of the event in one quote, picture, video – whatever you think works. Then share it early to set the tone of what will resonate on social media for your delegates.

4. Be active on your channels during the event. Pretty obvious, right? But many #eventprofs are missing out. Social media might be bottom of the barrel in terms of priority on the day, so be prepared and schedule your posts ahead of time using Hootsuite, Social Studio or Schedugram.

5. Content is king. Take photos of your event space, food and attendees and whack them up online (because who doesn't love event #styleinspo and food?). Tag users relevant to the post – the venue, caterers, event styling company, attendees, or anyone who might potentially retweet or repost your content, as this will increase your reach. Give absent users a taste of the event and possibly entice them to book a ticket to your next session by live tweeting speakers' quotes.

6. Engage with your attendees. Track the event hashtag and like, retweet or answer any questions.

7. Does your event include a Q&A session? Let attendees ask questions via Twitter and display them on your live hashtag wall. Launch a tweet poll asking the questions that are posed to speakers during the Q&A session so delegates will vote, resulting in high engagement.

8. Less into the tweeting and more into the 'gramming? Hire an Instagram printer from Social Playground. Delegates take a photo, upload, use the event hashtag and it gets printed. Delegates collect their branded happy snap, taking the brand home with them while also filling their audiences' feeds with your event. There's also the option of having a display wall of all your event photos.

9. If you aren't seeing any action at the event, consider advertising directly to your delegates. During registration you should've collected their email addresses – these can be loaded into Twitter or Facebook so your message is delivered right to whoever's attending your event.

10. Amplify your reach with Periscope's livestreaming service on Twitter.

11. Set up a bloggers lounge. Provide recharge towers, a quiet, funky and comfortable space to write with easy access to key collateral that can assist in forming their posts about your event.