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Myora Springs Conservation Area

East Coast Road, DUNWICH, QLD 4183


Myora Springs is a beautiful spot and source of fresh water for the wildlife of the Dunwich area, just a few kilometres out of Dunwich on the road to Amity Point and Point Lookout.

Myora Springs (meeting place) has a pure-freshwater spring that is running today, just as it has for thousands of years. In the forest surrounding the Myora Springs is an abundance of freshwater crayfish, prawns, bungwal fern and other plant foods and so it is no surprise to learn this was a favoured camping place of the Aboriginal people. The banks feature parts of large middens, which contain, among other things, cockle, oyster and whelk shells.

Nearby lived a descendant of the Nunukul people, Oodgeroo. She was well known as an author and poet who wrote such books as Stradbroke Dreamtime. In 1978 it was discovered that Myora is home to a rare nocturnal mammal thought to be extinct, the false water rat.


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East Coast Road, DUNWICH, 4183, QLD, Australia

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