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Finding Work

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Everyone in Australia has the right to work and earn an income. However, how quickly you can find a job in Australia depends on economic factors, qualifications and skills, the type of work you are seeking, and particular circumstances which may affect the availability of certain types of work in different parts of the country. 

The Federal Government sets laws on wages and work conditions and Australia has a long tradition of strong support for work laws. The laws ensure a fair and just work life and provide for a workplace that’s fair, safe and productive so that both employers and employees earn rewards for their effort.

Where to find advertised jobs

Employers advertise for employees in many places – newspapers, private employment agencies, online job sites and direct contact.

For further information about finding a job in Brisbane visit any of the following websites:

Qualifications and skills

If you have skills or experience in occupations where there are skills shortages, your chances of finding work are much improved. Some occupations have special requirements and may require registration or licensing with a government authority and/or membership of a professional or industry association.

For further information about skills assessment and recognition visit the Trades Recognition Australia website.

For further information about Australia’s General Skilled Migration Program visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Applying for a job

Job Services Australia is the Australian Government’s national employment services system. Designed to provide job seekers with access to one-on-one assistance and tailored employment services, Job Services Australia provides opportunities for training, skills development, work experience and tailored assistance.

For more information visit the Job Services Australia website.

What are my rights?

All employees have rights that the government has put in place by law. The laws also state what rights an employer has. 

For further information about employee and employer rights in Australia visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website or any of the following websites: