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Benefits of entering

Entering your company into the Lord Mayor's Business Awards will provide you with more than just the opportunity to win a trophy and title. The awards program acknowledges the high-calibre of companies and individuals who make an integral contribution to our economic and social fabric.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said: "These awards celebrate the incredible wealth of talent within Brisbane's business community, showcasing the impressive innovation and creativity inherent in it.

"Last year our 44 finalists came from a diverse range of organisations of various sizes and from a wide variety of industry sectors, but what they had in common was their flair for business and ability to inspire others, not just locally but also globally.

"Those entrants, and others from previous years, sent a very clear message about the tremendous opportunity here in Brisbane." 

Apply from 11 May 2022 and use The Lord Mayor's Business Awards program to:

  • Celebrate your achievements and boost staff morale and retention
  • Have an expert assessment of your company
  • Showcase your business and impress potential clients
  • Enhance your company profile and reputation if chosen as a finalist or winner
  • Network with other business leaders
  • Receive invaluable media coverage
Winning the Micro Business Award provided Law On Earth with the credibility to engage with corporates and this has allowed us to scale the business over 500 per cent on our projected growth, and be accepted into Impact Boom Social Enterprise Accelerator and then Startmate, being Australia’s best tech accelerator with global reach.

Katie Richards – CEO and Founder, Law on Earth
Winner 2019 Brisbane City Council Award for Outstanding Micro Business
Winning the inaugural award for Outstanding Social Enterprise gave our whole team and community of customers, growers and investors a huge boost in morale. It was also an affirmation that our purpose for creating a fairer local food system is worth fighting for. The award gave us a big boost for our reputation in the food industry, particularly in such a cut-throat sector. Increasing the awareness of social enterprise also shone a light on the fact that you can run your business to benefit people and the planet and still be successful!

Emma-Kate Rose – Executive Director, Food Connect Foundation
Winner 2019 ISPT Award for Outstanding Social Enterprise
Receiving the Lord Mayor’s Business Award for Product Innovation in 2019 provided us with additional exposure in media coverage surrounding the event, assisted in building our profile within Brisbane and also enabled us to make some new connections within the business community. Since the 2019 Lord Mayor’s Business Awards, Microba have entered into partnerships in both the United States and Europe, the latter with the largest pathology provider in Europe. Receiving the award further enforced the zest for innovation we see in Brisbane, and clearly showed that not only is innovation acknowledged, it is encouraged by our local, state and federal representatives.

Blake Willis – Chief Executive Officer, Microba
Winner 2019 Urban Utilities Award for Product Innovation

We are truly humbled by our win. The company started out as three friends who met at the University of Queensland in the 90s, and it's been amazing to watch this company expand to the point that our latest innovation, the Veefil-PK DC High Power Charger leads the world and is technically superior to anything else available on the market. We have over 200 staff and growing, a new facility in the works, and offices in the US and Europe, yet everything is still designed and manufactured here, and we are proud to call Brisbane home.

Paul Serina – Chief Product Office and Co-Founder, Tritium
Winner 2013 Brisbane Times Award for Business Innovation, 2016 Port of Brisbane Award for New Investment, 2018 Queensland Urban Utilities Award for Product Innovation and 2018 Optus Business Platinum Award

The Lord Mayor's Business Awards shine a light on the deep pool of talent in Brisbane's business and start-up community. Winning the awards in 2008, 2009, and 2016, represented a massive and quite public vote of confidence for us and the whole team at Australian Country Choice were very proud of the achievement. The awards, especially Doing Business in Asia, have really helped lift our profile to another level. They are held in very high regard by our new and existing trading partners.
David Foote – Managing Director, Australian Country Choice 
Winner 2008 Australian TradeCoast Award for Business Growth, 2009 IBM Award for Business Innovation, 2016 HSBC Award for Doing Business in Asia and 2016 Optus Business Platinum Award

Sometimes it takes someone else's recognition of your hard work for you to appreciate how far you've come. The award allowed us to get out foot in the door for partnerships we wouldn't have otherwise established.
Tasmin Trezise – Chief Product Office and Co-Founder, Tritium
Winner 2014 ANZ Made in Brisbane Award for High-Growth Business Start-Up 

Winning the Lord Mayor's Business Award has certainly helped push our business ahead. The team in Brisbane Economic Development Agency have been a dream. They have facilitated many marketing opportunities that wouldn't have been possible without them or prior to this award. I've invested in PR companies over the years, and I can tell you money can't buy the quality exposure and genuine support I have been given by the Brisbane Economic Development Agency team off the back of the Lord Mayor's Business Awards. Winning the Lord Mayor's Business Award has certainly helped profile our business. Media and business opportunities resulted that weren't possible prior to winning this reputable award.
Caroline McCulloch – Chief Product Office and Co-Founder, Tritium
Winner of the 2017 Channel 7 Award for Business Person of the Year