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How to nominate

Nominations will open on 12 May, 2021. The 2021 nomination award categories are:

  • CCIQ Award for Outstanding Small Business
  • Xero Award for Outstanding Micro Business
  • Australia Pacific LNG Award for Business Innovation
  • Accenture Australia Award for Product Innovation
  • Hutchinson Builders Award for Outstanding Social Enterprise
  • ANZ Award for High-Growth Business
  • Urban Utilities Award for Environmental Sustainability in Business
  • HSBC Award for Excellence in International Business
  • ISPT Award for Investment in Brisbane
  • Port of Brisbane Award for Young Business Person of the Year
  • The Courier-Mail Award for Business Person of the Year

If you have any queries, please contact the Lord Mayor's Business Awards team here or phone the office on (07) 3006 6200.

Steps to nominate

  1. From 12 May 2021 please visit our nomination submission portal.
  2. Simply register for an account by completing your details or if you have already registered please log in. 
  3. Click on the start nomination button to begin your nomination.
  4. Select a nomination category, complete your nomination name and postcode to start your application. 
  5. Please complete all fields and tabs for your entry to be considered. Terms and conditions can be found in the right hand side menu of the nomination submission portal.
  6. Once the nomination has been submitted, you will be able to download a PDF version of your nomination. Please note that you may apply for multiple nomination categories and edit your entry after submitting, up until the entry deadline 5:00pm Friday 16 July 2021.
  7. Should the Lord Mayor's Business Awards team have any question regarding your application they will contact you directly.

Tips for nomination

Businesses and individuals may nominate in as many categories as fits the business. You may nominate either yourself or your own company or business. Alternatively, a third person may nominate you or your company. If nominating a business or person that is not directly related to you, please be aware that the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards office will need to check with that business or individual and obtain written confirmation that they are happy to have a nomination submitted on their behalf. Only Lord Mayor's Business Awards category nomination forms submitted online and with completed answers will be accepted.

A mandatory requirement of nomination is that you should currently operate in the Local Government Area of the City of Brisbane at the time of nomination, judging of the Awards and the Awards ceremony in 2021. Nominations are subject to a word limit stated in Lord Mayor's Business Awards application toolkit. Entries that exceed the word limit will be penalised or may be disqualified from entry. Entries must be typed and keep your answers clear and simple. Avoid using jargon and acronyms. Avoid repetition and remember to proof read your work. Entries that are bound or submitted in hard folders will not be accepted. Only Lord Mayor's Business Awards category nomination forms submitted online and with completed answers will be accepted.

Supporting information such as references for Business Person of the Year and Young Business Person of the Year categories should not be used to extend your responses to questions past the stipulated maximum word limits. 

Please contact the Lord Mayor's Business Award office - (07) 3006 6200 with any queries that you might have.