The Future of Brisbane looks bright - Choose Brisbane


The Future of Brisbane looks bright

Brisbane will be classed as a major international city by 2031, with a booming population, network of cities unrivalled by any other capital in Australia and a more Asian population, according to leading demographer Bernard Salt who outlined his research in a recent Courier Mail campaign called Future Brisbane.

By 2031, an additional 662,000 people will reside in Brisbane — more than the combined current populations of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts — making Brisbane’s population close to three million.

Brisbane’s population will also be older than it is now, with a 52 per cent growth in the number of people older than 65. The Asian population will grow from 9 per cent to 18 per cent of the population, with Chinese residents being the fastest growing group.

Mr Salt said this trend would see Brisbane sit alongside cities such as Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle and Auckland as a Pacific rim player with large Asian populations.

Eagle Street Pier

Brisbane is also in a position to claim the title of the most family-friendly capital in Australia, with family households growing quicker in Brisbane than the rest of the country.

Mr Salt described Brisbane as a city of 'opportunity, change and excitement', and Greater Brisbane’s network of cities, rather than a strong dominance of a single metropolis, offers a modern 21st century lifestyle.

A decentralisation of employment outside of the CBD will appeal to the millennial generation who are less inclined to commute long distances to work, according to Mr Salt.

Mr Salt says Brisbane already has many of the hallmarks of a bigger city which, together with climate and lifestyle, will make it more attractive to a generation of increasingly mobile knowledge workers.

Queens Wharf

Key upcoming developments within Brisbane including the Queens Wharf, Howard Smith Wharves, the Cross River Rail project, the Port of Brisbane cruise ship facility and a new parallel runway at Brisbane Airport will take the city to a new level, Mr Salt said.