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Chinese visitors to Brisbane up 25%

A record influx of visitors from China and the USA have helped to once again smash Brisbane’s tourism records.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said preliminary results from Tourism Australia’s International Visitor Survey revealed that visitors from Brisbane’s top five international markets had increased.

“In the year to June 2018, Chinese visitors increased by 24.6 per cent to a record 259,000,” Cr Quirk said.

“Visitors from the USA climbed a sharp 8.6 per cent to a record 100,000.

“These results were enhanced by 209,000 visitors from the New Zealand (up 9.5 per cent), 132,000 from the UK (up 1.3 per cent) and 60,000 from Germany (up 3.4 per cent).

“These results have contributed to a record 1.4 million international visitors heading to our city overall, with expenditure reaching an all-time high of $2.5 billion over the year.”

The percentage increase in tourism expenditure in Brisbane was a staggering three times higher than the national average. Overall spend in Brisbane was up 15.7 per cent, compared with a 4.8 per cent increase nationally. This amounted to $2.5 billion in the year to June.

Cr Quirk said the city’s growing reputation as a tourism destination of choice and strong calendar of major events had contributed to the rises.

“Brisbane is a great place to visit - it’s a safe, vibrant, green and prosperous city, valued for its friendly and optimistic character and enjoyable subtropical lifestyle,” he said.

“A strong calendar of major events is also a major drawcard, with highlights including the Bledisloe Cup Rugby Test, the Ashes cricket, the Rugby League World Cup finals, Brisbane International and World Science Festival Brisbane.”

The city’s economic development board Brisbane Marketing works with Tourism Australia, Tourism and Events Queensland, Brisbane Airport Corporation and airline partners on marketing and trade activities in various markets.

National – Record highs

All Visitors up – 8.4million up 6.2% - RECORD
National OVE - $29.2Billion up 4.8% - RECORD

Queensland – Record highs

Visitors – 2.7million up 4.1% - RECORD

Total OVE - $5.7Billion up 8.1% RECORD

Brisbane’s international visitor results, year-ending June 2018

All visitors – up 10% to 1.4 million – record
Expenditure – up 15.7% to $2.5 billion – record

Top markets

China – All visitors up 24.6% to 259,000 - record
New Zealand – All visitors – up 9.5% to 209,000
UK – All visitors – up 1.3% to 132,000
USA – All visitors – up 8.6% to 100,000 – record
Germany – All visitors - up 3.4% to 60,000