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Digital Brisbane Strategy 2.0

Following on from the successful Digital Brisbane strategy in 2013, the City of Brisbane has released Digital Brisbane 2.0.

Digital Brisbane 2.0 aims to make it easier to; work, grow, learn, contribute to and live in Brisbane. It will also make digitally enabling services visible and accessible to current residents and businesses, as well as those who don’t yet call Brisbane home.

Click here to view the Digital Brisbane Strategy: Digital Brisbane 2.0

Initiatives including a global entrepreneurs program, a digital version of the internationally acclaimed Brisbane Greeters program and a digital festival, are just a few of the ways Digital Brisbane 2.0 will ensure Brisbane residents and businesses are well placed to thrive in a globally connected and digitally enabled world.

While Brisbane’s businesses and startup communities continue to be supported to achieve digital growth, the Digital Brisbane Strategy 2.0 also ensures Brisbane residents will be equipped to participate in the global digital economy.

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