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The Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s Investment & Industry Development Team plays a crucial role in securing investment that will maximise Brisbane’s long-term economic growth and create opportunities for local businesses.

Backed by years of experience and local know-how, our team is here to assist you with your business needs.

Andy Davison

Acting General Manager Industry Growth & Trade 

Andy’s role involves supporting local businesses grow and succeed whilst attracting new business and investment into Brisbane. 

A diplomat for over 20 years, Andy has led trade and investment portfolios across the UK, Europe, Africa and South Asia. Prior to joining Brisbane EDA, he worked with cities in the US, Middle East, South America, ASEAN and China to deliver growth and investment programs and campaigns. Andy also worked on both the London and Rio Olympics.

Contact Andy via email, LinkedIn or on 0450 803 219. 

Dustin Welch

Head of Property and Tourism 

Dustin drives economic growth by facilitating direct investment in key city-building projects, with a special focus on precinct scale investments, social infrastructure, education, hotels, tourism infrastructure and commercial development. This involves attracting international and domestic investment and ensuring job-creating developments are delivered. 

Prior to joining Brisbane EDA, Dustin was involved in the planning, delivery and investment of major health precincts across Australia’s eastern seaboard. 

Contact Dustin via email or LinkedIn or on 0417 716 526. 

Lisa Cavallaro

Industry Development Manager (Food) 

Lisa is responsible for project and stakeholder management, specialising in developing the region’s food and agribusiness sector. She offers access to a network of industry stakeholders, and can assist you to create connections with the sector and implement business development programs. 

Lisa heads up Brisbane EDA’s Future Food Initiative, a platform of industry development programs which helps food businesses improve their business capability and readiness for the domestic and global market. 

Contact Lisa via email or LinkedIn

Charan Judge

Investment Manager (Industrial) 

Charan attracts and facilitates international and domestic investment in the Greater Brisbane region, with a focus on key industries including food and agribusiness, logistics and distribution, and advanced manufacturing. 

He can assist with the preparation of business cases; developing and implementing business development programs; liaising with public and private sector allies; and working closely with State and Federal agencies on market entry, strategy development and business planning. Charan also provides insight to prospective businesses relating to property selection, labour analysis, grants and incentives, and facilitates key introductions to local stakeholders. 

Contact Charan via email or LinkedIn

Grant Flynn

Senior Investment Analyst 

Grant utilises market research and analysis to promote Brisbane to investors across the industrial, food and agriculture, technology, commercial property and tourism sectors. He provides economic and statistical research relating to these key sectors, with a focus on assisting with the development and execution of business plans and strategies for prospective investors. 

Grant also helps to attract and facilitate investments through the production of insightful collateral, lead generation and meetings with external stakeholders and key industry representatives. 

Contact Grant via email or LinkedIn

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With a positive and optimistic outlook driven by proven and forecast economic growth and strong population growth, Brisbane is the ideal environment for investment, development and business confidence.

Home to world-class infrastructure, facilities and educational institutions, as well as a talent pool of the biggest thinkers and the brightest minds, Brisbane offers phenomenal opportunities for investment and growth.

Brisbane Economic Development Agency’s team provides support to new and established businesses in Brisbane, plus full market entry and expansion strategies to potential investors.