Invest News April 2018 - Choose Brisbane


Invest News April 2018

Myriad Festival to connect Silicon Valley with Brisbane

In just a few weeks hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors from San Francisco will board the special Qantas charter “Myriad Air” to attend tech and innovation festival Myriad 2018 in Brisbane on May 16-18.

Myriad CEO Martin Talvari said some of Silicon Valley’s smartest thinkers and most connected people would be travelling on Myriad Air, coming to Australia for the first time in a professional capacity. Before they even arrive they will have had 14 hours to connect with Australian entrepreneurs at 30,000 feet.

More via CIM Magazine.


Robotics and automation conference to hit Brisbane this month

The International Conference on Robotics and Automation hits the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 21-25.

Established in 1984 and held annually, the conference joins experts in the field of robotics and automation for technical communications through presentations and discussions. The conference creates a remarkable environment to indulge all the delegates in the frontier of science and technology in robotics and automation.

For the full program and to register, click here.

World of Drones flying back for 2018

Last year’s inaugural World of Drones Congress in Brisbane attracted more than 630 delegates from across the Asia-Pacific and beyond, and featured an extensive conference program, drone expo, tournament and outreach program.

It returns to Brisbane from August 8-11, 2018, and will feature topics including advances in drone technology, the ‘drone economy’, industrial and environmental applications, and drone risks, safety and regulation.

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Boeing to develop autonomous systems for air and sea in Australia

Aerospace giant Boeing has joined forces with the Queensland government to establish the largest autonomous systems development program outside the US, giving local engineers new opportunities in this rapidly growing sector.

The program is part of Boeing’s global growth strategy to accelerate global “game-changing” unmanned technology for commercial and defence systems, according to Chris Raymond, Boeing vice president and general manager, autonomous systems.

More at Create Digital.


$5 billion defence contract to deliver hundreds of jobs to Queensland

A $5 billion defence contract expected to deliver hundreds of full-time jobs will be carried out in Queensland after months of state-versus-state campaigning for the work.

After a three-year tender process, Rheinmetall Defence Australia will build 211 Boxer CRVs at Ipswich, with a future $15 billion deal also on the cards.

More via Brisbane Times.

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