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International recognition for Brisbane firm helping to keep terrorism at bay

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When it comes to keeping Australia safe, Brisbane is home to one of the world’s leading security technology providers.

Imagus Technology has just been named in the Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Providers for 2016 by Government CIO Outlook, a US-based technology magazine providing information about modernised IT solutions for government, startups and large enterprises.

Imagus Technology provides 21st century solutions to 21st century problems, from its cutting-edge Imagus Facial Recognition Technology for counter-terrorism and policing to applications for collecting demographic data.

The company is at the forefront of a rapidly growing security industry cluster based in Brisbane. It was founded by Brian Lovell, known as “The Godfather of Facial Recognition Technology”, and offers accurate results for facial detection and recognition through Imagus's proprietary software, even with poorly lit, poor quality, angled or obstructed samples.

CEO Glen Thomas said Imagus specialised in providing advanced real time systems to detect and identify people using low-quality and low-cost commodity hardware like CCTV cameras, webcams, phones, and Augmented Reality smart glasses.

“Our technology is unobtrusive but can capture critical information across a wide area and can identify persons of interest in a moving crowd or even from social media,” Mr Thomas said.

“The unique Imagus Face Recognition Technology is simultaneously insensitive to the environmental factors that adversely impact on other technologies including pose, illumination, expression, focus, glasses, facial hair, head gear, motion blur and misalignment. It can be applied to all sorts of situations, from law enforcement, defence, border control to passenger tracking, customer service, personnel management and forensic analysis.

Clients represent a range of industries looking to better monitor, service and plan for their specific needs.

“We offer international biometrics expertise and leading biometrics technologies that provide the most accurate matching in difficult capture conditions,” Mr Thomas said.

“This kind of technology is tailored to give peace of mind but also to gather vital information and demographic data.”

Mr Thomas said making public and private spaces safer was the key selling point for Imagus, but the company’s technology was also able to help businesses get a competitive edge in their marketing.

“With Imagus Crowd Analytics-enabled CCTV or static cameras embedded or attached to billboards, companies can track not only how many people are looking at their billboards, but in some cases their gender and age demographic," he said.

“In the retail sector, Imagus technology allows for the passing on of vital information to new staff around VIP clients or blacklisted clients at the exact moment they need to be identified.”

The Government CIO endorsement of Imagus comes two months after the company announced a $1 million investment deal with a leading FinTech industry player.

Mr Thomas said Imagus was thriving from its home base in Albion on Brisbane’s northside.

“Brisbane is a great place to do business. We have a solid, globally competitive business community that is supported by government,” he said.

“It’s a business-friendly city and we can service clients all over the world while enjoying all the benefits of being in such a progressive, digitally advanced and economically connected environment. The lifestyle and the weather help too.

“I do feel this achievement of being named among the Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Providers for 2016 by Government CIO Outlook is a win for Brisbane too.”