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Exciting Brisbane healthcare firm expands

27 April 2016

Brisbane South Bank

A leading local healthcare firm is continuing to expand, opening a new laboratory in East Brisbane.

Founded, funded and based in Brisbane, Ellume has developed a world-leading quantum dot diagnostic technology that works when patients blow their nose into a complex nylon "handkerchief".

The results are then wirelessly transmitted to a medical records database, which can be accessed during a telemedicine consultation with a doctor.

Invest Brisbane General Manager Steven Silvester said the city was continuing to see investment from companies seeking a highly skilled and talented workforce.

"We are delighted to see Brisbane's life sciences and healthcare companies, many of which were startups not long ago, emerging as some of the country's best," Mr Silvester said.

"Our life science expertise and research – in our universities and private sector – are second to none.

"We are seeing the fruit of the scientific, medical and research seeds sown in Brisbane up to 10 years ago."

Ellume is producing a suite of testing devices, including the world's first easy-to-use, at-home test kit for influenza A and B, that deliver results in minutes.

The early, accurate diagnosis technology could be crucial to managing and preventing outbreaks of infectious diseases, easing the pressure of rising healthcare costs and reducing the inappropriate use of antibiotics that is leading to worldwide antimicrobial resistance.

Ellume, named Australian Biotech's Emerging Company of the Year at the Johnson & Johnson Innovation 2015 Industry Excellence Awards, is one of a cluster of Brisbane's knowledge-industry stars blitzing the Australian biotech industry.

All three current Australian Biotech major award winners are from Brisbane. The Industry Leadership Award is held by Professor Maree Smith, Executive Director of the Centre for Integrated Preclinical Drug Development (CIPPD/TetraQ) at The University of Queensland, and the Company of the Year award is held by Spinifex Pharmaceuticals for the development of new treatments for chronic pain.

Brisbane companies Vaxxas and Allied Healthcare Group, now renamed Admedus, are also former winners.