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Vaxxas and UQ deliver needle-free Nanopatch

27 April 2016

Brisbane City Intersection

Brisbane-based company Vaxxas will start its first human vaccination studies for the Nanopatch this year.

Vaxxas developed the needle-free Nanopatch vaccine delivery system, which has just been successfully used to deliver an inactivated polio vaccine with the help of experts from The University of Queensland.

Vaxxas CEO David Hoey said it's an exciting phase for the company.

"Key attributes of the Nanopatch, including its ease of use and potential to not require refrigeration, improve the reach and efficiency of vaccination campaigns in difficult-to-reach areas," Mr Hoey said.

Brisbane is a major research and innovation hub in the field of life and health sciences for the Asia Pacific region.

It has a concentration of knowledge-intensive precincts within its knowledge corridor, which extends from the Royal Brisbane Hospital and Queensland Institute of Medical Research in the north, to The University of Queensland in the south.

The nanopatch was a collaborative effort by Vaxxas, UQ Professor Mark Kendall and his research team at UQ's Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Vaxxas recently announced it had secured equity funding of A$25 million from new and existing investors. These funds represent the first closing of a Series B venture financing round, the proceeds from which will be used to advance a series of clinical programs and develop a pipeline of new vaccine products for major diseases using Vaxxas' patented Nanopatch. This new round of financing brings the total capital raised by Vaxxas to A$40 million.