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Northern Growth Corridor

House Construction

Brisbane’s Northern Growth Corridor is home to a large and rapidly-growing resident population of about 390,000 in Brisbane’s neighbouring Moreton Bay Region, which is expected to grow to about 622,000 by 2031. (Source: Office of Economic and Statistical Research, Queensland Treasury, medium series, 2013 edition)

The area has an established and growing economy with supporting transport infrastructure, services to transport, and wholesale trade, and suppliers to support the growth of industries in manufacturing, construction and related sectors.

The Northern Growth Corridor is close to major infrastructure such as Brisbane Airport and the Port of Brisbane and a six-lane highway. Freight and passenger rail also traverses the area. The availability and affordability of commercial and industrial land in the Northern Growth Corridor will continue to create opportunities for businesses wanting to invest in a base from which to service markets in South East Queensland and beyond.

To discover more information on the Northern Growth Corridor, please visit the Moreton Bay Regional Council website or contact the Investment Attraction Team.

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