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Ecosciences Precinct

Ecosciences Precinct

The Ecosciences Precinct is located at the Boggo Road Urban Village in Dutton Park, Brisbane, about five minutes’ drive from Brisbane’s CBD.

The $270 million precinct uses award-winning architecture and sustainable design principles to create a collaborative environment for more than 1000 scientists dedicated to solving some of Australia's biggest environmental challenges. The precinct houses research staff from the Queensland Government, CSIRO, and University of Queensland through the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.

Science at the precinct focuses on delivering an improved understanding of our natural resources and environment to improve their management, and is helping our key industries, including agriculture, forestry and marine industries, to develop sustainable growth strategies.

To discover more information on the Ecosciences Precinct, please visit the CSIRO website, or contact the Investment Attraction Team.

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