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Structuring Your Business

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Legal entities and structuring

Establishing your business in Australia, more specifically Brisbane, is not only an attractive proposition, it is an easy process. The laws and regulations governing a foreign entity establishing a business or investing in Brisbane are maintained at a national level. When structuring your business in Australia, it is important to consider these laws and regulations to ensure you establish a business structure that is most suitable to your business needs. 

In Australia, a business can be structured in a variety of ways, including as a limited liability company, a branch, a joint venture or a unit trust. Discretionary trusts, partnerships, and limited partnerships can also be used. A limited liability company can take different forms, but the most usual is a limited liability company that issues shares. A foreign corporation may establish a representative office in Australia, which may promote the products or services of a foreign enterprise in the Australian market and refer enquiries from potential customers to the foreign enterprise.

Branch versus subsidiary

Generally, foreign companies tend to prefer to establish as a subsidiary rather than a branch for a number of reasons including: the ability to contract with third parties using a local entity; its limited liability; and its greater ease of an operating structure. Branches are rarely used. However, if you were establishing offices/employees in Brisbane, then the branch would effectively be taxed as if it were a subsidiary.

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