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Videos – Future Food Day 2017

Session 1 – Innovation Celebration

Keynote speech: Nicki Briggs, Near Boil Communications

Nicki Briggs, the founder and president of Near Boil Communications, discusses the incredible food innovation story behind Chobani, the yoghurt company for which she was the former head of marketing. Nicki also discusses global food disruptors and the ways in which the food industry needs to adapt their brand to the current market.

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Richard and Alice Gorman, Kalfresh

Alice, marketing manager, and Richard, co-owner and managing director, talk about the challenges of innovation in the fresh produce market at their business, Kalfresh, and how they tackled their problems with a story-centric approach.

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Bernadette Eriksen, Flavour Creations

Bernadette Eriksen is the founder and managing director of Flavour Creations, a food innovation company that has flipped medical food delivery for patients on its head, making it of a higher quality and easier to consume.

Session 2 – Trending Flavours

Introduction: Judith Blinkhorn, Spotless

Judith Blinkhorn, general manager food services and education, business and industry, for Spotless discusses how her company innovates in the food sector and how they approach the rapidly changing food industry.

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Brett Wiskar, Wiley

Brett Wiskar, commercial technology director at Wiley, talks all things supply chain innovation and how disintermediation is changing the way food producers, processors, transporters, wholesalers and retailers do business in an increasingly connected world.

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Ben van Delden, KPMG Australia

As head of agtech at KPMG Australia, Ben van Delden has his eye on current trends and future food investments across the world. Here he discusses how food innovators can approach funding and why leveraging trends is a neccessity.

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James Hudson, Alibaba

The director corporate affairs and marketing at Alibaba, James Hudson, discusses the multi-layered e-commerce beast that is Alibaba and how Chinese consumers are eyeing Australia to fill their food product needs.

Session 3 – The Buffet

Introduction: Andrew Brinkworth, Australia TradeCoast

Andrew Brinkworth is the trade development manager at Port of Brisbane, the gateway for trade into Brisbane and beyond and one of the city's most important economic assets.

Matt Kowal, PERKii

The chief executive of transformational probiotic drink PERKii, Matt Kowal discusses the pathway to creating and commercialising truly innovative products and how PERKii fills a massive market gap in the probiotic industry.

Maya Krikke, Wandering Cooks

Maya Krikke's food innovation journey takes in one of Brisbane's most incredible food assets, Wandering Cooks at South Brisbane. In this video, Maya discusses how and where food innovators can produce their food and beverage idea in the city.

Ross Naidoo, DAF, and Daniel Wright, AltusQ

Ross Naidoo, senior food science liaison at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, and Daniel Wright, practice director at AltusQ, discuss how producers can manage and position their food innovations.

Jock Fairweather, Little Tokyo Two

One of the city's incredible entrepreneurial success stories, Jock Fairweather, the founder of startup hubs Little Tokyo Two, talks about the insights he has gained from local startups and other entrepreneurs.