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Brisbane CBD

Workforce of the future

Brisbane has been  one of the pacesetters for population growth in Australia for two decades. The population of Greater Brisbane is expected to grow to 3.18 million by 2031 with Brisbane leading the way as one of the fastest-growing capital cities in the country (Source: Queensland Government Statistician’s Office, Queensland Regional Profiles). 

About 2.2 million people call the Greater Brisbane region home. The populace is young and skilled (42.8 per cent aged 25 to 54); well-educated (22 per cent have bachelor degrees); and culturally-diverse (18 per cent of Brisbane households speak a foreign language at home). Thanks to a high level of skilled migration, Brisbane has embraced an international sophistication and inherited an exceptional talent pool that displays both depth and breadth.

Brisbane's Demographic Profile

New talent, new jobs for a new world city

Brisbane has sustained the fastest employment growth of all Australian capital cities for the past decade, now employing more than one million people. The city claims the second-highest share of full-time jobs among Australian capital cities (behind Perth), with full-time employment accounting for 65 per cent of total employment (Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2011 Census Data).

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