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International Student calling home from Brisbane

It’s important to stay in touch with family, friends and news both in Australia and back home.

International Calls

If you are using a mobile or landline phone, dial 0011 first, then your international dialling code, followed by the phone number.

Find the international dialling codes here.


Setting up a mobile phone number is an easy way for family living overseas, and the new friends you make in Brisbane, to get in touch with you.

Before you arrive, check whether your current provider has an International Roaming Agreement that can be used in Australia. International charges can be expensive, so consider using this only for emergencies before you set up an Australian mobile number.

If you bring an unlocked mobile phone with you to Brisbane, there are plenty of places to buy SIM cards for Australian phone providers. You can buy pre-paid phone credit from places all over the city including supermarkets, convenience stores and telecommunication providers such as Vodafone, Telstra or Optus.

Phone cards

Using phone cards is generally about 80 per cent cheaper than calling normally from a landline phone. Newsagencies and convenience stores sell a range of different cards. Check out what’s on offer and find the best one for the country you want to call.


If you have a computer with the internet and a microphone headset, Skype is a great way to call anywhere in the world. Skype allows text, video and voice chat, and if your friends and relatives have Skype, you can call them for as long as you want. For more information, visit the Skype website.


Australia Post provides reliable and affordable postal, retail and financial services across Australia. To send a letter or package overseas, visit one of Australia Post’s many locations. To find a post office near you, visit the Australia Post website.


Sometimes there is nothing better than reading the local paper from your country. The Brisbane City Council Libraries offer amazing services and stock a huge range of international newspapers.

You can also read local Australian newspapers to help improve your English skills and keep you up to date on current affairs in the area. Some local Brisbane and Australian newspapers include:


In Australia you can access a number of free television channels providing you with access to news, movies and other television content.

For information about TV channels, shows and a daily guide of what’s on, visit the Freeview website.

Radio Stations

There is a huge selection of radio stations available in Brisbane catering to all tastes – some of the most popular stations include:

  • Community Radio 4CCR – 89.1 FM
  • Radio 4EB – 98.1 FM
  • SBS Brisbane – 93.3 FM
  • Nova – 106.9 FM
  • Hit105 – 105.3 FM
  • Triple J – 107.7 FM