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Student blog: My experience studying an English course in Brisbane

Hello! My name is Soomin Jo from Pai Chai University in Daejeon, South Korea – a sister city of Brisbane. I recently undertook an English course in Brisbane and completed an internship with Brisbane City Council.

Why did I decide to come to Brisbane?

I major in English Literature and Language at my university in Korea. Obviously, studying in Australia has always been highly ranked on my bucket list, because I always knew the benefits that learning English could have on my future.

Studying English offered me a chance to experience the world – getting to know a lot of friends from all over the world and to see incredible sights. Brisbane is a perfect city to have all these experiences - there's sunshine, beaches close by and it's close to the countryside.

This is actually my second visit to Brisbane! Last year, I came to Brisbane for six weeks as an exchange student at ICTE-UQ (Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education at University of Queensland). During my stay, I was so impressed with the nature and people here, I hoped to come back for further studying and more adventures. And I did!

What is like to study English in Brisbane, Australia?

I had not done any regular courses at university here, but I had studied at a few language schools. If you want to practise or learn English grammar before entering university here in Australia, I would definitely recommend it! The best thing about language schools is that everyone in school are so willing to help you and study with you.

When you come to an English-speaking country, the main problems you will face are likely to be speaking and listening. But, don't worry! 

Brisbane City Council offers a lot of education courses for free! For instance, most afternoons you can join an English conversation group at Brisbane Square Library at 3pm. By joining and participating, you will find yourself improved a lot within in a month.

Well, it is true that many said there is nothing better than home, but life is short. Studying aboard, especially in Brisbane, is definitely worth at try. It won’t hurt you! 

So far I am loving every single moment of my time in Brisbane and I already am planning to come back to study a Masters. If you are looking for a city for your study abroad - Brisbane just might be the perfect fit for you!

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