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Hit the books: the best spots to study around Brisbane

So your desk is looking a little over-stacked with books, papers and empty coffee cups, and the same view of the wall is driving your great study habits down the drain.

We know the feeling.

Why not take the opportunity to get out of your room and hit up some of Brisbane’s best study nooks? Enjoy the natural sounds in Brisbane’s parks, drop into the library or study on location in one of many Brisbane's many cafes. Handy hint: download an app, like WorkRave, which will remind you from time to time to take a break - there is such thing as too much study!

Ditch the desk and get your creative juices flowing so those productivity levels peak just in time for the busiest time of semester. 

We've asked you, the people, for the best spots to study around Brisbane. 

Student ambassadors recommend...

Brisbane Square Library, Brisbane City

Brisbane Square Library offers a large space with natural lighting and is a cool and quiet place to hit the books and there are printing facilities, photocopiers and wi-fi at your fingertips. It’s at the top of Queen Street and has study and meeting rooms that can be booked in advance, so your study group can get assignments planned and under way easily. On Wednesdays, take a study break and head down to the Jan Powers Farmers' Markets to pick up some fresh fruit (study snacks) and gorge on something cheap and tasty for lunch - think paella, pretzels or pasta.

State Library of Queensland, South Bank

Take your pick of the perfect spots to get some work done at the State Library of Queensland. It's quiet, bright and offers excellent facilities, including reliable wi-fi and outlets so you can charge your laptop. On the ground floor, the River Decks are beside the Brisbane River and offer some green space among the spectacular views of the CBD. 

The Edge offers just about anything you'd need to get your study done, including spaces for group work. Handy hint: if you bring a Keep Cup, you can get a small coffee at the cafe here for $2.90.

Roma Street Parkland

Roma Street Parkland

Set up with a picnic blanket on the grass and get your work done outdoors - it's good for you! If you're feeling particularly resourceful, use one of the wooden chairs as a desk so you can easily write without kinking your neck.

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens 

City Botanic Gardens

Be inspired by the serene surrounds at the City Botanic Gardens. It sets the perfect scene for delving deep into your textbooks, preparing for your next test or revising course content. There is a cafe on site to take care of your coffee cravings, and council’s free deck chairs are also available.

During study breaks, take a walk through the Rainforest or Fern Gully in the park before hitting the books again. Can you feel those stress levels lowering?

South Bank

Sunshine, breeze, views, wi-fi. Take a picnic blanket and settle in at South Bank for the day with your headphones in and get studying!

New Farm Park

Pack up the essentials and settle in under the shady trees in New Farm Park. Once you've picked up a coffee from Bar Alto, it won't be difficult to slip into study mode along the banks of the river. If you're really lucky, a cute dog or 10 might wander past on their daily walk, and you can reward your hard work with a drink at the end of the day. 

BEL Rooftop Cafe, UQ

If you arrive early enough you could spend your whole day studying at the Rooftop Cafe at the Colin Clark Building at St Lucia. It's outdoors but undercover and good coffee and avo on toast are just a few steps away. The wi-fi still works quite well up here and some tables are close to a power point. 

Note: Less of a hidden gem at UQ is the Social Sciences Library - there's hundreds of desks and power points, the wi-fi is excellent, printers and computers (if you're lucky to nab one) and plenty of desks by a window if you need that little bit of sunlight.

UQ Art Museum, UQ

Do you need to catch up on your readings, or just need a quiet space to read over your notes? Settle in to one of the comfy chairs by the window at the UQ Art Museum, sip on a free coffee, and when you're done, wander through the actual museum.

P Block, QUT

The fourth and fifth levels of P Block are the more peaceful alternative to the busy libraries. However, if night time is when you get your best work done but you need a computer, speedy wi-fi and all the facilities, QUT offers 24-hour computer labs at both its campuses. We've also been told the Nursing Computer Labs are empty most of the time if it is peace and quiet you seek.

QUT Law Library, Gardens Point

We have it on good authority that it's easy to get bulk study done in the QUT Law Library - it's super quiet and there's not a lot of people around to distract you once you're in the zone.

The Pantry at QUT

The Pantry is a sweet little on-campus cafe that lives inside the Old Government House building and adds to the ambience with restored timber furniture and a collection of vintage items. Sit inside on a hot day or enjoy a hot chocolate or coffee in the courtyard as winter rolls around. Open Monday-Friday and Sunday.

Post Office Square and Anzac Square 

Anzac Square

With plenty of shade and green space, both Post Office and Anzac Squares have lush patches of grass where you can spread out and dive into your studies. Why not take your book and recline in one of Post Office Square’s free deck chairs? It’s close to brunch, lunch, coffee or smoothies and accessible seven days.

Coffee break



Hidden down a graffiti-clad laneway just off George St, Bean is the perfect hidey-hole if you need to get some serious study done ASAP. Sink into one of the comfy chairs or spread out on a coffee table, order a coffee (Bean makes its iced coffee onsite daily), a piece of cake and hit the books.


Take a turn off the Queen Street Mall into Burnett Lane to the funky laneway bunker bar and cafe, Brew. Obvious benefits include easy access to coffee, bagels and other brunch food. Get in early to score a big table up the back and spread out or take up a spot on the couch and settle in with a book.

Bonsai Botanika, Brisbane City

Set yourself up with a chai latte and chocolate brownie for your study session at Bonsai Botanika. There's a real serene vibe here, and depending on whether you want quiet study space or somewhere to chat for a group meeting, there's two different floors you can set yourself up on.

Botero House

Botero Espresso Bar Brisbane is open Monday to Friday from 6.15am and serves breakfast, lunch and coffee. Head upstairs and settle into a corner with your laptop and textbooks for a quiet, central study session fuelled by the scent of espresso drifting up the stairs. 


This hidden cafe has an industrial vibe courtesy of the exposed brick walls, high ceilings and open-plan layout. Brain food is definitely on the menu, along with large tables and air-conditioning. Open Monday to Friday.    

Coffee Anthology 

Coffee Anthology

Soak up the natural light in the courtyard at Coffee Anthology. This is the perfect spot to get your textbooks out and take in the fresh air over a light breakfast, brunch, lunch or sweet treat. Open Monday to Saturday.

Felix for Goodness

Felix is open from 7am weekdays and 8am on Saturday, so you can get in early, snag a great table and hit the books. Take advantage of the all-day breakfast menu in the comfort of this quaint, quiet, confined space in the hidden location of Little Burnett Lane. Closed Sunday.

Passiontree Velvet, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre

Get amongst the coffee and cake deal before it sells out or sip devonshire tea with your pinky finger out while sinking into one of the grand comfy chairs. Passiontree Velvet is on the second floor of Indooroopilly Shopping Centre next to glass windows that offer a nice little view and a ton of natural light. The tables are a little small for every book you own, but if you only need your laptop (and the centre's free WiFi), then look no further.

Want to venture elsewhere? Never fear, check out south side study nooks and the nooks in the north.

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