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8 ways to decorate your student accommodation

Moving across the world is hard, so any little things you can do to make your new home feel a little more like the old one can really help. And after a full day’s study, don’t you want to feel comfortable where you rest your head?

If you live in rented student accommodation, you probably can’t take a sledgehammer to your walls (seriously, don’t test that). But that doesn’t mean you can’t still find creative ways to decorate your little nest. Here are some ideas of how to decorate your accommodation to make it feel yours.

Add a bit of colour

Ways to decorate your student accommodation

If you’re moving into purpose-built student accommodation, your room will be clean, but possibly bland and boring. Pick some colourful cushions, bed linen, throws and tapestries that will add both colour and comfort to your room. Rugs can be surprisingly cheap, so see what you can find, it might really tie the room together.

Have some photos of your loved ones

Tips to decorate your student accommodation

Having some pictures of your family and friends back home can definitely help when you feel homesick. Photos also offered a nice way to commemorate the memories you create with them over the years.

There are various stores around like Officeworks and Kmart which can print out photos from your phone, and you can pick up frames while you’re at it. Got a spare afternoon? Pick out your favourite photos, a cute corkboard, some colourful pushpins, and turn them into mementos.

Posters on the wall

Tips to decorate your student accommodation

You might not be able to paint the wall, but you can put up some printed photographs or posters of people you admire, things that inspire you and remind you of who you want to become.

In case you want to hang stuff on the walls, there are removable patches that you can stick to the wall and then remove whenever you need to (try Kmart). Be careful with double-sided tape, because it sticks quite badly (pro tip: blow dry them with hot air to remove them smoothly).

If inspirational people aren’t your jam, check online stores for the kind of posters that work for you. They can often be printed and mailed pretty cheaply.

Brighten it up with greenery

ways to decorate your student accommodation

Aside from the many benefits to having houseplants around you indoors, they also add a great homely touch. If you’re not the most reliable at looking after plants or simply not a good gardener, get a succulent from your nearest plant store. They won’t die. Probably. Ok, maybe they will, but give it a shot, we won’t tell anybody.

Buy some fairy lights

Tips to decorate your student accommodation

Oh do we love fairy lights. A simple string of fairy lights can instantly create a warm and cosy ambience perfect for every mood. Place them around your bed, your sofa, your mirror, or go crazy and cover them up with a colourful piece of cloth to create a different glow. You can buy very cheap fairy light strings at Kmart, Big W, Target and Bunnings.

Declutter the place

Tips to decorate your student accommodation

Keeping your place tidy and clean will improve your quality of life and efficiency when you study. Buy a few storage boxes from Ikea and Marie Kondo your apartment – cutting down on shoes will bring you joy. In the meantime, have too many clothes? You can drop off the items you don’t need at the nearby op-shops.

If you’re sharing a place with others, you gotta tidy up a bit from time to time. No, your habit of leaving socks on the floor is not endearing. A bit of de-cluttering may also go a long way toward a good relationship with your housemates.

Decorative souvenirs from your trips

Tips to decorate your student accommodation

Lucky enough to do some travelling while you’re studying abroad? Pick out a little something that would remind you of the place and the adventure. You can also put up things that remind you of your home country.

If you need a cheap type of souvenir to start collecting on each trip, here’s a pro-tip: fridge magnets. Tacky? Yes. Fun, cheap and sold everywhere? Also yes. Start early, and someday you’ll have a fridge covered in colourful memories.

Having a furry or fishy companion

Tips to decorate your student accommodation

If you're a pet person, find a homestay or a shared house where there is one, or check with your landlord if they allow pets. They definitely make it feel like home. It’s easy to adopt a pet in Brisbane, but make sure you’re fully committed to them if you leave Brisbane in the future. If you can’t go all out on a dog or cat, maybe a fish is easier and less pressure?

Decorating your accommodation to make it feel like your own can help you quickly adapt to life abroad. Think of it as a nest where you come back every night to recharge before a new day.

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