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7 sure ways to make homesickness history

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Whether it’s your bed, mum’s cooking or your friends close by, some things at home just can’t be replaced. Find yourself the biggest tub of ice-cream, grab a spoon and switch on Netflix … wait, no. Don’t do that.

We don’t recommend eating (or drinking) your worries away. Here are some healthy ways to deal with homesickness when you study abroad in Brisbane.

1. Get into routine

Health experts have been going on about this for years – routine is really good for us. Uni students are notorious for pulling all-nighters in the lead-up to exams and assessment due dates, and for international students dealing with homesickness this is the last thing you need. Take it easy, make sure you’re getting adequate sleep, eat healthy food and start an exercise regime.

2. Find familiar food

If you’re really missing mum’s cooking, go on a mission to find the closest replica you can. Brisbane has most multicultural cuisines covered. You can find the best of them here, but there’s sure to be something close in your suburb. 

3. Invite your family and friends from home to visit

Can’t wait until you get home to see your family and friends? Bring them to Brisbane! That will give you something to look forward to and you’ll get the chance to play tour guide and show off your new city. There’s heaps of things to do with visitors in Brisbane, we’ve started a list here

4. Make your own Brisbane bucket list

If you’re really lucky you’ll get to spend a semester or two here, maybe even your whole degree. But after that it’s bye bye Brisbane and back to the daily grind in your home city (unless you score a job here!) Make your time in Brisbane count by making a list of the must-dos in the city and start ticking them off. You’ll be distracted from your homesickness and excited to discover the city.

5. Find some friends from home

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to hang out with someone who knows where you’re from and what you’re used to. This is your go-to person to hang out with when you’re feeling homesick. Meet them for coffee (or ice-cream) and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

6. Talk about it

No one can help you if they don’t know what’s up. Keep a few friends close or have a chat to a guidance counsellor at uni. They’ll have some tips or at the least be good, comforting company.

7. Give social media a break

What you don’t know can’t hurt you. It’s sad but true. Switch off or unfollow some of the more socially active friends from home or get off social media altogether so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on something every single day.

Study Brisbane

There’s also these 9 ways to make the most of your semester abroad to distract yourself … get to it!

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