Quiz: How well do you know Brisbane? - Choose Brisbane


Quiz: How well do you know Brisbane?

So you think you know Brisbane, eh? Take the quiz below to find out just how much of a Brisbanite you really are…

1.What is the name of the bridge that connects New Farm and Kangaroo Point?
2.What major event happened in Brisbane in 1988?
3.What year did the Story Bridge open?
4.What is the name of the river that runs through Brisbane?
5.What major event happened in Brisbane in 2014?
6.Which of the following is not a Brisbane laneway?
7.What is the most upstream ferry stop on the river?
8.Which of these suburbs is not north of the river?
9.What is the name of the farmer’s market held in Reddacliffe Place every Wednesday?
10.Where is the Epicurious garden located?
11.What is the name of the free ferry service that operates between West End and New Farm?
12.What Australian beer is brewed in the Brisbane’s northern suburb, Milton?
13.Just off the coast of Brisbane is the second and third largest sand islands in the world. What are their names?
14.Where is the Brisbane Botanic Gardens?
15.Brisbane is home to Australia’s best bar. What is it?
16.How much water (capacity) does the Street’s Beach lagoon at South Bank hold?
17.What is the name of the wildlife sanctuary 30 minutes south of Brisbane’s CBD?
18.How many metres above sea level is the Mt Coot-tha summit, Brisbane’s highest peak?
19. Brisbane is best known for perfect, sunny weather. Approximately how many days of sunshine does the city experience each year?
20.Which major award-winning university does not have a campus in Brisbane?