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IN CONVERSATION: Breaking glass ceilings as an international student

'TBH: Beyond Borders' is a weekly podcast hosted by Mehershad that features honest conversations with students from different countries and backgrounds about their nations' history, culture, politics, people, as well as their personal experiences as an International Student.

“I did face a lot of challenges in terms of transitioning… I had that problem of breaking free from my comfort zone”

Mehershad sits down with Moin, a 2018 Brisbane International Student Ambassador from Bangladesh, who shares his experience finding a job following his graduation from the University of Queensland. As someone who has always been shy and introverted since he was a child, Moin's active participation in the student community, self-driven and zealous attitude towards new opportunities and resulting success is truly inspiring.

Throughout the podcast, Moin offers insight into the importance of volunteering and networking during our studies, and discusses breaking glass ceilings as an international student, his experiences so far in Brisbane, facing culture shocks in a new country, Bangladeshi food and people, his love of the Brisbane sky, important values he wishes to imbibe from his parents, and how Bollywood actually went on to influence his very nickname.

“Brisbane’s sky is unparalleled, whatever season you are in – it’s not just sunshine, it’s the whole package.”

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Mehershad Wadia

About the host: Mehershad Wadia

Mehershad is a Masters of Molecular Biology student at the University of Queensland with a passion for Genetics, Theatre, Writing, Filmmaking and Stand-up Comedy. He graduated from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, where he was awarded accolades for Best Dramatist, Best Director and 'Outstanding contribution to cultural activities'. He has written scripts and screenplays for a few web-series', a feature-length Bollywood film, and a national award winning short film. He was recently also awarded the Dean's Commendation for Academic Excellence, and now that his parents are happy, is trying to bring his passion for story-telling and documentation to a more audio-based medium in the form of 'TBH: Beyond Borders'.

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