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IN CONVERSATION: Representing your country abroad and looking to a better future

'TBH: Beyond Borders' is a weekly podcast hosted by Mehershad that features honest conversations with students from different countries and backgrounds about their nations' history, culture, politics, people, as well as their personal experiences as an International Student.

“My mum basically does everything. She takes care of everything and will never say no. If she can do it for us, she will try everything to do it and that motivates me to work hard.”

Mehershad sits down with Kagwiria, the 2018 Brisbane International Student Ambassador for Kenya. Covering a variety of topics - from Indian-Kenyan relationships, to Indians being recognized as the 44th tribe in Kenya and the similarities between Indian and Kenyan food and sports, Kagwiria and Mehershad also touch on some more personal topics including cultural diversity, representing your country and feeling the pressure to do well academically.

Kagwiria also describes her experiences living in a residential college – including why rice drove her to move out – and her most memorable experiences and favourite places in Australia. While on the topic of Australia, they touch on what it’s like to watch rugby in Australia, and Kagwiria explains the similarities between Australia’s sporting culture and the sporting culture in Kenya. And, in case you’re wondering, she also touches on why people sometimes think her accent is British.

“You don’t appreciate your culture until you are out of it. I really miss home – all the bad things and the good things.”

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About the host: Mehershad Wadia

Mehershad is a Masters of Molecular Biology student at the University of Queensland with a passion for Genetics, Theatre, Writing, Filmmaking and Stand-up Comedy. He graduated from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, where he was awarded accolades for Best Dramatist, Best Director and 'Outstanding contribution to cultural activities'. He has written scripts and screenplays for a few web-series', a feature-length Bollywood film, and a national award winning short film. He was recently also awarded the Dean's Commendation for Academic Excellence, and now that his parents are happy, is trying to bring his passion for story-telling and documentation to a more audio-based medium in the form of 'TBH: Beyond Borders'.

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