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Purple Rain: the jacarandas blooming across Brisbane

From October to November, a purple canopy falls over Brisbane – from the vast campus of the University of Queensland to the streets of New Farm. For most of us, they represent springtime and the promise of glorious Brisbane weather for the next six months at least.

For students, they signal that exams are looming. Beauty is pain, apparently.

Believe it or not, jacarandas are not native to Australia – they’re originally from south-central South America but thrive in sub-tropical environments, aka Brisbane.

The first Jacaranda Mimosifolia was planted in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens in 1870 and today they are scattered throughout the city. As the city’s population began to grow in the 1920s and ’30s, they were planted more widely across Brisbane as a way of making the city more beautiful – and that they did!

See some of our favourite snaps of the purple rain from the Brisbane International Student Ambassadors!

Jacarandas in bloom@larasardhia: You know the finals are coming when the jacarandas are blooming 🌸

Jacarandas in bloom@_____yanyan_____: "UQ legend has it, if a jacaranda flower falls on your head you will likely fail your upcoming exams, however, the curse can be removed if you catch a flower in your right hand... What a dream-like campus we have every October till November!"

Jacarandas in bloom@chung_rico: "Underneath purple rain."

Jacarandas in bloom Jacarandas in bloom @crisdom96: "Jacarandas to fill my heart."

Jacarandas in bloom@bingbingbang11: "It’s that time of the year again in Brisbane."

Jacarandas in bloom Jacarandas in bloom Jacarandas in bloom@haheun.kl: "Who's still not ready for the exam season?"

Jacarandas in bloom@jamesso730: What a magnificent display of purple 🌸

Jacarandas in bloom@hashtagameya: "Spring season is upon us and so are the Jacarandas. Amidst your busy routine at UQ, if you happen to come across Mr. Kim a.k.a @kimchanghan2966 , don't forget to take a moment to appreciate him and his artwork. During a conversation he told me that nature and portraiture paintings are his favorite. He is from Korea and travels around the world following his passion of freezing moments on canvas with his colours and paint brushes. However, he makes sure that he has 40 days of spring planned for Australia especially at @uniofqld to paint the purple jacarandas."

Jacarandas in bloom @rachelkee10: "In Spring, jacaranda paints the sky purple and rain a shower of lavender petals on the streets of Brisbane."

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