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Student Blog: The Marvel exhibit at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art

Brisbane International Student Ambassador Lorilee Joy Buado shares her experience at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art.

After a tiring week of study, international students love to go exploring in the heart of Brisbane City. For an art lover like me, one of my favourite places to go is Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), which is the largest modern and contemporary art collection in Australia. Brisbane is growing as a new world city and the riverside gallery is the perfect venue to showcase some the world’s best contemporary art works.

I’ve been to GOMA several times and the different collections continually amaze me. This year GOMA came up with something very innovative - an interactive exhibition called Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe

It’s the largest Marvel exhibition in the world and you can only see it in Brisbane. 

GOMA’s Marvel exhibition makes you feel like you are in one of their movies. It’s fully interactive with virtual mirrors, cinematic events, interactive comics and story boards.

The virtual mirror was my favourite. Standing in front of the mirror, I watched a life-sized Incredible Hulk copying my exact moves. I danced, turned, raised my foot, moved and waved in the virtual body of an interactive life-sized Marvel character! 

I was proud to learn that my university, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), collaborated with GOMA to create virtual interactions with the Marvel characters. QUT worked with GOMA to create several interactive elements of the exhibition, showcasing our international reputation for digital technology.

If you’re in Brisbane, I recommend visiting GOMA for an interactive experience with your favourite superheros.

Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe ends September 3, 2017.

GOMA is open daily 10am - 5pm and Wednesdays 10am - 9pm.