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Student blog: Brisbane’s best bars for students

Alfred & Constance
Photo: Alfred and Constance

By Kira Stawinski

Guten tag! I’m Kira from Germany, currently studying my Masters at QUT. As a stress relief from uni and work I like to check out different bars in Brisbane with my friends. If you’re also looking for some uni procrastination or somewhere to unwind at the end of the week – this list is for you. Prost! 


My favourite place to go with my friends on a Thursday night is Cloudland. I love going there because of the beautiful interior and of course the free entry (Thursdays). Every time I go there I feel like a child being amazed by the nice designs all over again. Thursday night is Salsa night but even if you don’t like Salsa, it is definitely worth going for a drink with your friends to check it out. Be sure to dress up a bit.

Address: 641 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

Botanic Bar at QUT

This is a great place to meet other students and to enjoy cheap beers! The location is super conveniently located at QUT’s Gardens Point campus so it’s always filled with students. Perfect for a study break after a long day at uni!

Address: P Block, Level 3, 2 George St, Brisbane City

Charm Sushi & Bottle Shop

This place is a bottle shop combined with a restaurant serving Japanese and Korean food. You can buy your beers in the bottle shop and drink them there while meeting lots of other students from different nationalities. Nothing fancy but perfect for a low budget and to meet new people.

Address: 138 Albert St, Brisbane City


If you are looking for a cozy, small, casual bar with friendly staff and a relaxed vibe after a day of studying, Padre is the right choice for you. Padre is located in Woolloongabba, a two-minute walk from Mater Hill bus station and is open Wednesday to Saturday, 4pm-midnight.

Address: 598 Stanley St, Woolloongabba

Down Under Bar

Good old Dunda! It’s nothing fancy but what makes it special is the super casual backpacker-student atmosphere. It is super easy to meet new people and whenever I go I have an awesome time. Drinks are very cheap and you are even able to get in with your thongs. Perfect for a spontaneous night out.

Address: 308 Edward St, Brisbane City

Open air Latin dancing on Friday

Before hitting the bars and clubs, the free Latin dance event next to the Treasury Casino gives everyone the possibility to try out different Latin dances and to meet lots of new people. It usually attracts a large number of people, so you wouldn’t miss it! Check out the Facebook group for more information.

Address: Brisbane Square, Brisbane City

Alfred and Constance

I like Alfred & Constance because it is a bar set up in two Queenslander houses that are connected through a walkway. This makes it different from the other bars in Brisbane. It has several little spots to eat, drink, chat and to dance so this place might be able to combine the preferences of you and your friends.

Address: 130 Constance St, Fortitude Valley

The Victory

The Vic is perfect for a thirsty Thursday student night. Start off your Thursday night with cheap drinks and meet other students. The outside area gives lots of space to dance or to just chat to your friends.

Address: 127 Edward St, Brisbane

Fridays on a Friday

Fridays is a nice bar/club located at Riverside. You usually have to dress up a little bit to get in. If you go there on a Friday before 9pm there is no cover charge, so try to get there then when it starts to get busy. Fridays has a very nice Story Bridge view and you can choose between having a crazy dance night or just having some drinks with friends to relax.

Address: 123 Eagle St, Brisbane City

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