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Student blog: how to make the professional transition in the Australian workforce

Bruno Brocchi

By Bruno Brocchi

Bruno is from Campinas, Brazil. He is now studying Business Management at QUT and working as a Project Manager for Arcadis.

In 2008, I visited Brisbane and discovered that electrical engineering was a profession in high demand. After that, I spent eight years working as a Project Manager focused on the electrical engineering sector in Brazil. I am now back in Brisbane, studying for a master’s degree, with my wife by my side on a partner visa thanks to a company sponsoring me to work full-time as a Project Manager.

Twice, now, Brisbane’s first class education system and opportunities have helped me progress in my study, career, and family life. It could be a significant step forward in your career too, if you grab the right opportunities!

Find a mentor

Starting a life in a different country with a different work culture is difficult. Finding a suitable mentor is the perfect way to kickstart your career. The mentors help you develop different business skills, industry knowledge and provide guidance on your interested career pathway.  

As a student at QUT, I had the chance to be a part of “Mentor Scheme”. In this program, the students pursuing master’s degrees have access to details of industry leaders who we get to choose as our potential mentors. The mentors guide us through the ins and outs of the industry we are studying and interested in.

There are range of mentoring program going on, and from my experience, the right mentors help you achieve success earlier than you may have on your own.

Join a career-related group

Bruno Brocchi

You can make the most out of your student experience by joining different groups or associations where you can connect with people and get involved in a lot of programs.

I am a part of Business Management Student Association where I have had the opportunity to meet several industry leaders from different fields.

Attend networking events

Networking events frequently take place around the city. They are an opportunity to hear experiences of people from your industry as well as to share your own experience and contacts too. The networking events give you ideas to find work experience relevant to your studies and how you can later add value to your intended sector.

Facebook is a great way to keep track of events occurring near you. You can RSVP to the events directly or join groups to keep updated with the events happening soon!

Get in the Dean’s list

Every university recognises students’ academic excellence, and as a result, names you in the Dean’s list. The Dean’s list reflects students’ commitment and hard work and is a valued achievement. Getting in the Dean’s list is not easy but is worth the effort!

As a part of the Dean’s list, you are also chosen to represent your university in different parts of the world. It is a great platform to gain exposure and network with different people representing your institution. 

Say “Yes” to the right opportunities

Bruno Brocchi

It is important to be open-minded. At each networking event, I met people who gave me different perspectives and insights on my field or work life in general. I find a lot of international students are shy or scared to attend networking events. There is nothing to fear, because everyone has gone through that phase. As you meet more people, you get more comfortable and can express yourselves better.

Finding the right opportunity means knowing what is out there in the market and finding what suits you best. If you continue to say “Yes”, more opportunities will come your way.

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