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Student blog: what's expected of Brisbane International Student Ambassadors?

Bibidh Subedi

By Bibidh Subedi

Bibidh Subedi is an IT student at Queensford College. Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, he is an experienced web content writer with profound interest in sports. 

Each year, about 40 international students who are studying in Brisbane are formally appointed by the Lord Mayor of Brisbane as International Student Ambassadors. As ambassadors, you are representing your institution, your country as well as the international students living in Brisbane.

Being one of the 2019 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors has been a fun, enriching and transformative experience for me. I have learned so much about the amazing city that I live in, its people and Australian culture. In less than a year, I made meaningful friendships, secured career opportunities, learnt Australian slang and explored my local community. Fair dinkum mate!

The role of a Brisbane International Student Ambassador comes with important responsibilities. Make sure you check these out before you apply to make sure you can commit to the program.

Show your love for the city

Brisbane is one of the best student cities in the world. The fantastic weather, diversity, food, beaches, art, nightlife… they are all part of your exciting study experience. As an ambassador, you will be promoting all the excellent aspects of Brisbane to your friends, family and the international community.

Brisbane International Student Ambassadors 2019

You'll learn about major events and activities happening in Brisbane and get to attend most of them for free if you post some social snaps. Experiencing Brisbane in depth will truly make you fall in love with the place. 

Contribute to Brisbane

The program allows you to be involved with Brisbane through various events. There will be various opportunities such as volunteering for the Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony, student-welcome events, multicultural festivals, business & networking events and many more. You can also help international students by contributing to research that will enhance their study experience. 

Bibidh Subedi

These opportunities are a great way to contribute and connect to Brisbane as well as to improve your professional skills and build more connections. But being able to contribute will take up your own personal time and effort. If you are going to be a great student ambassador, you need to be prepared to commit yourself to the program, and be able to effectively balance it with your studies.

Be digitally active

For someone keen on writing, vlogging or posting photos from your travels, the program gives you more exposure and more things to talk about. The best way to express your student experiences and stories is through social channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Student ambassadors are also encouraged to write blog posts with their bylines, which can be a great way to showcase your writing skills to future employers.

Brisbane International Student Ambassadors 2019

The ambassadors are required to be active in the social media platform in which they feel most comfortable. Not only that, your personal social media profiles are recommended to be publicly visible as it helps relay your message to a wider audience. As you are one of the faces of Brisbane's international students, you are also required to behave responsibly (and have lots of fun).

Attend events

My favourite part about the program is getting to attend events such as North Stradbroke Island trips, Greeter's tour, clock tower tour, museums tour, movie premieres, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary tour, Winter Harvest Festival, film festivals, International Student Forum, Luminous Lantern Parade, Oktoberfest and other events unique to Brisbane.

Brisbane International Student Ambassadors 2019

While attending these amazing events, take some good photos, selfies or videos, and post them on your social media channels. If you already love social media and networking, the role perfectly suits you. Sometimes though there are just too many events to attend, and so you need to be really good at organising your time.

The program requires you to commit for a full year and to attend at least one event per month, so make sure you are able to commit fully to the role before signing up.

Be a team player

I initially signed up for the role to gain exposure, network, contribute to the city, and gain some new and unique experiences. However, the best and most valuable part turned out to be the wonderful friendships I have made.

Brisbane International Student Ambassadors 2019

Being an ambassador allows you to make friends, develop leadership skills and encourages you to work well in groups and be a team player. The key is to make sure you stay present and active in the program, and always keep in touch with your fellow ambassadors as well as the Study Brisbane team.

Think you tick all of these boxes? Apply for the role here and get ready to start your incredible journey as a Brisbane International Student Ambassador!

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