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Student blog: tips to find casual work during summer break

Bibidh Subedi

By Bibidh Subedi

Bibidh Subedi is an IT student at Queensford College. Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, he is an experienced web content writer with profound interest in sports. 

So, you're in a country where you can celebrate Christmas in your shorts. Score one for a relaxed summer holiday. However, if you want to make a bit of cash in this period, you are eligible to work unlimited hours during semester breaks.

How can I make that happen, you might ask? Read on to learn a few tips about finding casual summer work in Brisbane.

Make a great resume

A resume is a representation of you and an effective one gets you hired. So take your time to create and polish your resume. Keep it brief but outline what makes you perfect as an employee. Your employer will be looking for your contact details, skills, work experience, education achievements and referees.

If you do not have any official work experience, it helps to list your volunteer experience as well as the skills you learned during school. For students who have never worked before, it is often easier to look for jobs in retail and hospitality. Make sure you list some of the desired skills in these areas that you can demonstrate, such as hard-working, punctual, and friendly.

Tips to find casual work during summer break

Remember, having customer service experience can be a big plus when you look for future jobs in the industry you study in.

Search online

Plenty of companies in retail and hospitality are likely looking for extra helping hands during this hectic time. They often advertise the available jobs in the "Career" section on their website. Apply with a well-crafted resume and a well-written cover letter. Even if they aren't hiring now, you might be contacted when there is a suitable job opening.

Similarly, there are several job search websites like Indeed, Seek, Jora, CareerOne, StudentEdge and Gumtree. Create an account with these websites and create some relevant job alerts. For instance, when a job advertisement is posted with your chosen keywords such as "Retail", "Christmas casual", or "Customer Service", you will be notified.

Tips to find casual work during summer break

It also helps to join some local Facebook groups of expats and international students. Keep an eye on possible postings about casual work opportunities in Brisbane.

You can also choose to become an Airtasker, a platform where users can outsource everyday chores from household chores to creative tasks. This allows international students to earn extra cash while being able to choose the skills and schedule that suit them.

Apply in-store

Hundreds of job applications are sent online every day, but not all potential jobs are posted online. If you go the extra mile to apply in-store, you're more likely to impress the employer. You will have a considerable advantage applying in person because it's an opportunity for you to chat with your potential employer and understand the roles and responsibility the job requires.

When applying in-store, remember to be calm, polite and dress smart because the first impression always matters.

Apply early

The recruitment for Christmas casual jobs in Brisbane starts as early as October. If you wait until Christmas to apply, you are most likely to miss out. Almost all the Christmas jobs are targeted for the holiday period only. However, you need to read the contract carefully to make sure you can fully commit.

Tips to find casual work during summer break

Don't wait around - apply as soon as you can and try as many as you can. If you're patient enough, something will eventually come up.

Make full use of your availability

If you are already working, remind your current employer that you are eligible to work unlimited hours until your holiday break ends. If required, you can easily get a letter from your education institution with details of your semester break to prove your availability. Your institution might also have a career service department that can put you in touch with employers or have a job search page on their website that lists casual jobs that suit students' semester breaks.

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