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Student blog: 4 tips to nail your Brisbane International Student Ambassador application

By Nozomi Yamazaki

Nozomi hails from Kobe, Japan – a sister city of Brisbane – and studies at The University of Queensland. As one of Study Brisbane’s incredible past International Student Ambassadors, Nozomi has spent 2017 sharing her experience studying in Brisbane via Instagram and now offers up some tips for your application to become an Ambassador.

Get ready – it’s that time of the year again. The applications for the Brisbane International Student Ambassador program are open! If you are reading this article and asking yourself “should I apply?”, the answer is ABSOLUTELY.

Being selected as an ambassador has been one of my most proud achievements, and I am beyond grateful to be given an opportunity to represent international students in Brisbane. Making friends from all over the world in this multicultural environment and participating in free leisure and tourism activities are just few of the advantages of being an ambassador.

So, what is it? The Brisbane International Student Ambassador (BISA) program selects 40 international students every year to promote Brisbane as the best destination to study and live. Ambassadors will be showing everyday lives of students and what it’s like to live in Brisbane on social media platforms. You can see what our year has been like by checking out #StudyBrisbane on Instagram.

Interested? You should be!

Your grades are not the only thing considered during the selection process. To help you create the best application you possibly can, here are some tips that will make you stand out from the hundreds of applications received.

1. Show how much you love Brisbane

Essentially, an ambassador’s role is to show off Brisbane to the world, and that it is the best destination to study and live. Your job will be promoting Brisbane, so you will definitely have to show your genuine love for this city. Make sure you are able to clearly state the reason why you chose Brisbane to study over any other place!

2. Game up your social media management skills

Your social media game is very important! Your social media platforms will be like a public diary where you will be documenting all the activities you take part in throughout the year. Be able to show the best side of Brisbane and share your personal experience from the eyes of you. This is what the audience – including future students considering studying in Brisbane – and your followers will be seeing.

Use this chance to indicate what Brisbane can offer and the various kinds of opportunities available for everyone. Your contribution to the community, including volunteering and participating in events, will be an inspiration for other students and will show some of the many things you can do outside of the classroom.

More importantly, step up your selfies-at-the-beach game. You can definitely show off that you are at one of the best destinations to live and make people jealous too!

3. Be open to meeting people and networking

This was one of the things I have never done as a student who just graduated high school. As a BISA, I was given an opportunity to network and meet prestigious people, including members from the parliament and ministers, Brisbane’s Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and the Consul-General from my country, Japan.

One of the perks of being an ambassador is that you are in a unique position to meet people no other everyday international students can meet. I recommend you create or update your LinkedIn account and be ready to connect with industry professionals.

Good communication and networking skills will always be vital to have for you to build relationships with people. This is important because many jobs are not advertised nowadays. Word of mouth is commonly used and networking events are the perfect place for you to meet the right people in your field. So if you are looking for an internship or a job, brush up on your communication and networking skills!

4. Be confident

Last but not least, have confidence! I cannot stress enough how important this tip is. As an international student, English may not be your first language. But so what? If you have confidence and are willing to put yourself out there, that's all that matters.

Do not be afraid to apply for this role just because you are not confident speaking English. Your language skills will improve being in this program. You will be constantly communicating and meeting new people and in no time, your communication skills will grow significantly.

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

So there you have it, four main tips to get you prepared to start your life as a BISA. Apply for the role and get ready to start your incredible journey as a Brisbane International Student Ambassador!

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