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Student blog: what you can gain from studying in Brisbane

Rachel Gloriosa

By Rachel Gloriosa

Rachel is from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is studying Public Relations at the University of Queensland and lives in Iglu Brisbane City purpose build student accommodation. She describes her study experience in Brisbane as adventurous, exciting, and share-worthy.

It can be tough to decide whether to study abroad. Staying close to home offers comfort and security, whereas heading overseas means stepping into the unknown. Looking back, if I had been afraid to step outside of my comfort zone, I would have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. There is so much more to gain than the qualifications themselves.

From lifelong friendships to career opportunities, studying in Brisbane has helped open another chapter in my life.  

Meaningful friendships

Making friends with people from all over the world is a rewarding experience, and it's easier to do when you’re studying in a multicultural city. In Brisbane, you might meet people from countries that you had never even heard of, find friends in the oddest circumstances or even encounter the love of your life. These people will introduce you to brand new cultures, food and languages.

Rachel Gloriosa

This year, I became one of the 2019 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors, representing my home country Indonesia. My fellow ambassadors are from 27 different countries. In less than a year, they have become my family far away from home and made my student experience in Brisbane much more colourful. As a passionate communications student, I get to practice cross-cultural communication skills and social capabilities, which are huge benefits for my career.

No matter what country you come from, you’ll be able to find your community in Brisbane. Building friendship within your community is more meaningful when you're studying abroad. Reaching out and engaging with your community in a foreign country is a sure way to help with homesickness, give you a sense of belonging and can even provide you with job opportunities.

New learning experiences

As an international student, there's often much more to learn outside of your classroom. Exposing yourself to new cultures and ideas is one of the best investments you can make for your career and life in general.

From delicious restaurants, incredible art exhibitions, exciting plays, multicultural festivals, through to concerts and sporting events, it's impossible to get bored in this city. Brisbane is also the place where global thinkers' minds collide. Its jam-packed calendar of technology, innovation and education events offer endless inspiration for international students craving success.

Rachel Gloriosa

Studying abroad is a significant adventure full of mini-adventures. Surrounded by stunning beaches and islands, majestic mountains and rainforests, Brisbane is the perfect destination to embark on these mini-adventures. From spontaneous beach trips, scenic weekend getaways to art-hunting tours around the city, exploring a new country with your new friends is the best way to create precious memories.

Career opportunities

Stepping into an unknown country doesn't mean you will become invisible. In a student-friendly, fast-growing city like Brisbane, opportunities provided by local governments, institutions, research facilities and local businesses always allow you to stand out.

Recently, I was a part of the International Student Leadership Forum 2019, which provided me with insightful guides on international students' employability. We discussed mental health in a stressful work environment and skills international students possess to meet future demands. This forum also allows international students to meet members of the Queensland Parliament to discuss the importance of diversity in the workforce. It's been an eye-opening experience and encouraged me to pursue opportunities that would benefit my future career.

Rachel Gloriosa student ambassadors

While studying, I'm always keeping an eye out for any volunteering, internships, and networking events around the city. These are amazing platforms where students can learn about the industry they are passionate about, improve relevant skills and build strong networks that will benefit them in the long run.

Choosing your study destination might sound challenging. However, when you take the challenge and make a decision, that is when you start fostering your professional development and creating a lifetime's worth of beautiful memories.

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