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Study Stories – Caty

Caty Lee

大家好!G’day mates!

My name is Wenfei Li, but you can call me Caty for short as Cat is my nickname in Chinese. I come from mainland China, where I grew up in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi province. For centuries, Shanxi served as the centre of trade and banking, the "Shanxi merchants" were once synonymous with wealth. In modern times, coal mining is important to Shanxi's economy, just like the mining industry in Australia.

I did my Bachelor in Script Writing for TV, Movie and Drama, and spent four years as an advertising copy writing teacher in Chengdu. Personally speaking, I learnt a lot from the experience about where I want to be in the future. Once I had a chance to write an advertising piece for an event company and I got invited to their Real Estate Expo to have a backstage tour. This tour really opened my eyes and gave me new thoughts about jobs. I still remember how impressed I was during the tour and how many stupid questions I must have asked their staff.

Since then, I started researching information about the event industry as well as finding the best university that offers an event major. No surprise, The University of Queensland has a great reputation and its event major has high ranking in the world. Thus, I came to Brisbane with excitement, wanting to get the most out of my study and to be the best event coordinator in the future.

Caty Lee

I fell in love with Brisbane on the first day I arrived. The taxi driver accidentally sent me to a wrong address but a local family not only helped me find the correct address, but also drove me to my residence. I cannot stress more how friendly people are in Brisbane, that’s why I adopted to the “Brissy lifestyle” pretty quickly and am keen to stay and build my life here.

Initially, I was struggling with my English. I cannot tell the difference between academic English and general English, not to mention I had some inaccurate pronunciations. I was concentrating my efforts to memorise the template essay I brought from China and tried to use fancy words in writing instead of having logical structure. No matter how hard I was studying, I always got bad results compared to my peers. I felt so frustrated at that time and started doubting myself whether I was capable to do my masters. Thanks to my language teachers from ICTE, they helped me to overcome my learning difficulties and trained me to be ready for my master’s degree journey.

Queensland as a tourism destination provides many work opportunities in my field of study, that’s why I got a job at Tangalooma Island Resort doing customer service as well as a semester internship with Stones Corner Hotel. Currently, I am in the last semester of my master’s degree and have begun my placement course to gain consultancy experience.

Lord Mayor's International Student Friendship Ceremony

Apart from my study, I like to spend my weekend at the West End markets. West End is a hip place to grab a coffee, taste craft beers and shop at boutique stores. West End markets carry on the same laid-back vibe, it gathers great food, vintage goods and brilliant musicians busking at the markets. This place shows the Brissy lifestyle and is very interesting for people from outside of the region to experience the authentic local life. The most important thing is you can taste everything before you purchase, even at a fresh chilli stall!

I still enjoy every single moment in Brisbane and plan to settle down after I graduate. I hope my story will give you a taste of living in Brisbane and I am willing to talk more if you have further questions, just get in touch with me.

Life is great and is there for the taking!

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