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Study Stories – Jimmy

Jimmy Jin


My name is Jimmy Jin and I am from South Korea. I’m studying a Bachelor of International Studies at the University of Queensland, majoring in international relations with Russian language. The reason I chose this major is highly influenced from my background. When I was a child, I was interested in languages and meeting other people. Also, my parents gave me plenty of opportunities to travel to other countries. Since then I set my goal to be a diplomat in the Republic of Korea.

When I had to choose a secondary school, I didn’t want to be like other people. I didn’t like ordinary school, ordinary job, and ordinary life. I always wanted to try everything that no one else wanted to try. That's why I chose Korea Tourism Senior High School. This school had different subjects than the other standard Korean schools, such as tourism, hospitality and second foreign language major. I was in Tourism English Interpretation Department, majoring in English with Japanese.

Jimmy Jin

At first, I found it a little hard to learn hospitality and tourism. These subjects are not typical to study for my age. However, I found it interesting when I started studying for my tourism interpretation guide licence. This licence requires a high level of tourism knowledge with significant foreign language skills and it is difficult for high school students to achieve. But I tried really hard, taking almost a year to achieve the licence. After I got it, I learnt something about myself – that if I do anything with my best effort, I can make my dreams and hopes come true.

When I was choosing a university, I thought studying abroad would give me a better chance to improve my language skills and tourism knowledge. So in my last year of high school when I had the chance to join Chrysalis Global Youth Challenge 2014 held by University of Queensland/UQ Foundation Year, I took it. This experience was significantly helpful for me to experience diplomat society in an indirect way, and it cemented my decision to study in Australia.

Another reason I chose Australia is because it is one of the most diverse societies with different cultural backgrounds. So I thought it will be a great place for me to prepare myself to become a diplomat by meeting with students from all over the world.

Jimmy Jin Dolphin Feeding

My first impression of Brisbane can be summarised in two words – the best. This city is the place I always dreamed of: diverse society, relaxed lifestyle and friends from all over the world.

The Australian education system is much more flexible and I thought studying international relations in Australia would help me to understand international events from different perspectives. I also have a better chance to develop good relationships with future diplomats.

“Try everything” is my motto for life.

Although I might fail, I never give up. I can learn something from the failures and improve from the experiences, then I can try another way. It is hard to understand complicated political ideas in English and studying Russian in English, but I feel confident because I have a clear aim to become a diplomat.

Studying abroad is not an easy choice and it requires a lot of effort. However, I believe I’m having a rich experience that I couldn’t have within my own country.

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