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Study Stories – Nut

Nut Siri

Sawasdee krub and g’day mate.

My name is Nut. Yes, you have read correctly, that’s my real Thai name. I am from Thailand, where I grew up in the Samut Prakan province, part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. The west side of the river there is mostly rice paddies, shrimp farms and mangrove forests, while the eastern side is the urban centre with industrial factories.

For this reason, I had chosen to study agricultural engineering for my major, but to be honest I didn’t really know my passion or what I wanted to do for my future at that time.

By graduation, I knew that English was important for my career and would help me to build my career faster, which is why I decided to study abroad for six months. I had been searching for information for my study destination myself and through education agencies in Thailand. Finally, I chose Australia based on the idea that it was a beautiful country and not too far to travel from Thailand. My agency recommended that I choose Gold Coast because it is not too crowded and the living cost was affordable for me at the time.

Nut Siri

In 2010, my first journey began. I arrived at Brisbane airport in early January. I was extremely nervous and excited as it was my first time on an airplane and abroad, and not just travelling. I had to live in a new place, with a new culture and meet new people – it was a new world for me. It was hard to explain what I felt in that time, but everything was so fresh and brand new to me. My eyes opened wide trying to catch everything in front of me. It was totally different to where I came from. My heart was beating so fast every single minute to see new things and hear a new language surrounding me.

I had been studying at the Gold Coast for six months when I decided I could see myself staying and living here. I really loved Australia. So I decided to stay longer and started a certificate 2 and 3 in Business. I had a couple of chances to visit Brisbane while I was studying at the Gold Coast and I fell in love with the city, finding that it reminded me of home.

This is when I decided to move to Brisbane, which I have to say is the greatest decision I have made in my life. While studying in Brisbane, I worked as a waiter at some restaurants. As Brisbane has many multicultural restaurants, I was able to work in different cuisines and learn new menus from each restaurant.

Nut Siri

I enjoyed studying and working at my part-time jobs in the restaurant and I could see an opportunity to open a restaurant in my home country, but I wasn’t ready to give my engineer career away. After I graduated from Viva College, I went back to Thailand and got a job as an engineer in a big company in Thailand, where everything seemed to be going well.

I had been working as an engineer for two years but nothing motivated me to go to work or enjoy myself. I was pretty sure I was missing my Brisbane life, and wanted to bring my restaurant dream to life. I decided to quit my job on the day my company wanted to promote me to manager. I know it sounds crazy but I believed in myself and I knew what I wanted and what would make me happy.

I applied for a working and holiday visa in 2014 and returned to Brisbane shortly after. I got a job as restaurant manager and saved up some money to start studying commercial cookery, I knew that to run a business I would have to know all operations – from front-of-house to back-of-house. 

I am still enjoying every moment of my studies at TAFE and am also working as apprentice chef at Gauge to fulfill my knowledge and follow my own restaurant dream in the future.

Special thank-you to Study Brisbane for letting me share my story and journey in Brisbane, and for choosing me as a Brisbane International Student Ambassador. I do hope my story helps someone who’s afraid of changing and making the decision. I encourage you all to chase your dream and passion.

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