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Study Stories – Yasser

Yasser Aljehani

Hello great people,

My name is Yasser and I am from Saudi Arabia. Some people have a great way of remembering my name – they just call me Yes Sir! I have always dreamt of becoming a pilot and being able to fly around the world. So I searched for good opportunities and found out that apart from the quality education that Australia offered, aviation in Australia was, and still is, one of the safest and most developed around the world. So my decision for choosing Australia derived from there.

My journey in Australia began the day my feet touched ground at Brisbane’s airport. I fell in love with this city from day one, and I felt like it was the right city for me and for my future. The things I liked about Brisbane were its cultural diversity, busy days and quiet nights, friendly people, stable weather and its easterly position on the map. I have now been in Brisbane for more than eight years. I call it home already!

Yasser Aljehani

During these years in Brisbane I faced many challenges, made important decisions and most importantly have had a lot of fun. The first year was the most challenging one simply due to the very limited English I had. With the lack of English, things could get more complicated than I ever imagined. Aspects such as finding a house, attending inspections, filling out paper work, buying furniture and using transportation could be very challenging and tricky sometimes.

But with the help of the very lovely and friendly people of Australia, everything would be possible eventually. During my first year at the language school, I went through three different stages while learning English. The first stage is what I call the “Noddy Stage”, where I just nod my head having no clue what the other person is saying! The second stage is the worst. I would usually understand what people say to me, but it would be too difficult for me to deliver my thoughts to them. This feels so frustrating! I am sure many English learners had this feeling at some point.

The last stage is the freedom stage, where all of a sudden I found myself very confident talking to other people and sharing my stories with them. In fact, I remember when I had my first dream in English! True story!

Yasser Aljehani

Another challenging factor was the living costs. I found everything was too expensive compared to where I came from. However, not a long while later, I knew that the wages were reasonably high and that the equation between prices and salaries would balance. So I knew that when I got a job I would be able to afford to live in Brisbane. And that has been true as I worked in hospitality. So I was happy with my lifestyle and I was ready for bigger commitments.

My initial plan before coming to Brisbane was to come here, get my degree and pilot licences, and go back to my country to build up my life. However, I thought “why wait until I go back”? So that plan vanished and a new plan was laid out. I decided to get married and start building up my life here in Brisbane.

Life became more serious after university started. All the fun was over and it was time for serious things. During university times, I had to learn how to manage my time, prioritise things and eliminate others. University was a lot of work, especially with having a family and doing part-time flight training all at the same time.

All went so well and I finally graduated from my Bachelor of Aviation. This was when I felt all the hard work had paid off. But it was time to commit to aviation by flying full-time.

Yasser Aljehani

Flight training has been a lot of fun. I get to travel around different places in Queensland and some parts of New South Wales. I discovered more about this beautiful country. And I saw how Brisbane City looks from 1000 feet above – so great!

After I got qualified to take passengers, family and friends were able to enjoy beautiful trips by joining me in the cockpit. They appreciated some of the most attractive places on the east coast such as Fraser Island, Sunshine Coast, Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast and Coffs Harbour. The best was when they got to see whales and dolphins from the plane.

As there is no limitation to where I can fly around Australia, flying inland is also another great thing to do. The countryside looks great. I get to meet people from the country and explore more about each town’s history.

I have had such an incredible experience in this beautiful city. As a student, I believe I have made the right decision for choosing Brisbane. The atmosphere feels just so right for students. Also, there are countless places to go to. Some of them are not advertised, and that’s what makes them special!

I have my own small family – a lovely wife and a very cute five-year-old daughter. I hold a Private Pilot Licence that allows me to travel anywhere in Australia. And I am almost getting towards my Commercial Pilot Licence, which will allow me to work as a pilot.

I hope my story wasn’t too boring and there was something to learn from it. There is a lot more to talk about. So if you would like to know more, have any questions, or need any guidance, please get in touch with me. I love to help people and leave a smile on their faces. So it is my pleasure to do so.

Thank you


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