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Thinking about studying overseas? Here’s why you should choose Brisbane, Australia


By Kim Medeiros Saldanha

Kim is a 2018 Brisbane International Student Ambassador and is from Natal in northeastern Brazil. He is currently studying Advanced Engineering at InTech.

As a Brazilian student, I always imagined the dream of overseas study destination would be somewhere like Canada, USA or Ireland. Yet, I ended up in Australia because… well, why not Australia?

Yes, I know Australia seems so far away and a flight to Canada or the USA would be cheaper, but I would like to let you in on a secret: it’s completely worth it.

Australia is an incredible country, and in terms of lifestyle – weather, beaches, lifestyle and people – it’s similar to Brazil in the best way possible.

Since coming to Australia, I have lived in three cities and I’ve found that my current home, Brisbane, has been the best place to live so far. Here are a few reasons why I love Brisbane.

1. The weather is superb

Lagoon South Bank

The climate in Brisbane takes me back to Brazil and it makes me feel at home. Brisbane is referred to as the capital of Sunshine State – Queensland. The city enjoys blue skies nearly all year-round, with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. When the clouds do roll in, the summer storms are an incredible thing to witness – so long as you are somewhere safe and protected of course.

2. Brisbane is a friendly city

Australians are famously very friendly and the people of Brisbane are special. No matter where you go, you’ll experience it – people say “excuse me”, “thank you”, “sorry”, or even asking you how you are when you are shopping or taking a bus. Something that always makes my day are the friendly bus drivers that give a warm greeting when you hop on – no matter the time of day.

I find the friendliness I experience in Brisbane has helped me to settle in and feel at home here – especially as we international students are so far away from our family and friends for a long period of time.

3. It’s easy to get around


Commuting to and from classes is very simple. All students – whether they are international or local – receive a 50% discount on local public transport – bus, train and the ferry – and also receive a good discount on bike hire with CityCycle. There are lots of bicycle and walking tracks, particularly along the Brisbane River, so no car is necessary!

4. Brisbane is a multicultural city

Brisbane is a place full of a variety of culture, food, activities and festivals from all around the world. Throughout the city, so many events are held throughout the year where you can experience and learn about different cultures – from Greek to Indonesian, from Scandinavian to Malaysian.

5. I feel safe and welcome here

I feel that Brisbane is the most inclusive study destination in Australia. The study and living facilities are excellent, and there are opportunities to gain employment or work experience.

In Brisbane, international students are invited to attend the Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony where you can take a photo with the Lord Mayor and meet hundreds of students.

2018 Brisbane International Student Ambassadors

Or, if you are lucky like me, you may be named as one of the Brisbane International Student Ambassadors where you will connect with 39 other incredible people from around the world and share unforgettable experiences.

6. It’s a doorway to the rest of Australia

Australia Zoo

Brisbane is on the east coast of Australia, and is right in the middle of two amazing coasts – the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. From Brisbane, it’s easy to take a (very long, but stunning) road trip up to Cairns or down to Melbourne by car. By car? Yes! It’s very common travel by car in Australia, and is possibly the easiest way to see as much as possible during your stay here. Think beautiful landscapes, theme parks, coastal beaches, mountains, waterfalls, natural wonders and so on. 

Your Aussie bucket list will be ticked off before you know it.

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