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Student blog: repeat after me - tricks to improve your English

After realising improving her English skills is vital to her career development, Claudia decided to take the leap and study English in Brisbane. She has made great progress since - let's hear some tips!

Student blog: what it’s like to study a VET course in Brisbane

What makes VET study unique for international students? What are the potential career opportunities for VET students? Rajani, who studies anaesthetic technology at TAFE Queensland, has the answers for you.

Student blog: the sky is the limit - why I chose Brisbane to study aviation

Student ambassador Rachel has always aspired to become a pilot. Studying a Bachelor of Aviation at USQ allowed her to see and experience the aviation industry first-hand by flying in some of the world-class flight simulators, and it's only the beginning of her dream journey.

Student blog: where to get your caffeine fix in Brisbane

When it comes to good coffee, Brisbane knows its stuff. Student ambassador Karen picked her 10 favourite coffee spots in Brisbane - you can't go wrong with this list!

Student blog: 5 simple ways to stop procrastinating

Are you a procrastinator? It's ok. We have all been there. Student ambassador Bibidh offered some of his most actionable ways to stop procrastinating - start smashing those deadlines NOW!

8 ways to decorate your student accommodation

Moving across the world is hard, so any little things you can do to make your new home feel a little more like the old one can really help. Here we offer 8 creative ways to decorate your little nest.

Student blog: Netflix shows you need to catch up on this summer

Summer is finally coming up and although Brisbane offers awesome activities during the holidays, on some days it’s nice to stay in and binge-watch some Netflix shows. Student ambassador Cristina listed a few of her favourites - have you watched any of them?

Student blog: advice on getting a driver's licence in Brisbane

With Brisbane’s convenient public transport, you don’t really need a car to get around in the city. But from time to time, you’re bound to crave a spontaneous road trip to the beaches, islands and rainforests around Brisbane. Haruna offered some useful tips on getting a driver's licence in Brisbane - let the adventure begin!

28 ways to spend your uni break in Brisbane

If you’re staying in Brisbane this summer, we're determined to help you make it a great one - from the hottest show tickets in town to keeping cool in the galleries, from binge-eating to finding a summer job. Only question is, how much can you fit into the three months?

How to respond to selection criteria in a job application

Tried your hand at the Brisbane job market? Chances are, you've had some traumatic experiences writing selection criteria responses. Read our tips to find out how you can improve - by practicing.